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Chrome Wheels

Customizing your car or truck is a great way to improve its performance, appearance, and efficiency. When you customize your vehicle, you are able to select original equipment manufacturer and aftermarket auto parts to come up with the perfect look and performance. One of the ways you can customize your truck is by buying chrome […]

Diesel Fuel Tank Repair

If you are lucky, you have a diesel vehicle that has lasted a long time and is still in great condition. If you have noticed that you are losing fuel or that you are running on empty much more often than you should be, you may find that you have a leak or hole in […]

Water for Fuel: Is It an Option?

Right now we are in the midst of an energy crisis, with rising fuel costs and a demand that is far greater than the supply. Our energy sources are expensive and are negatively impacting the health of the planet that we live on. As a result, more and more people are looking for alternative fuel […]

Piston Ring Compressor

If you like to rebuild engines or even service your worn out engine you will probably need a piston ring compressor. If you don't do any of this sort of work or you haven't in the past you may have never even heard of a piston ring compressor in the past. A compressor is used […]

How to Select Custom Car Wheel Rims

When you want to change the way your car looks you may want to change your car wheel rims. Just this seemingly small change can change the whole appearance of your vehicle. In some instances replacing the car wheel rims isn't all cosmetic. If your rims are bent you will want to replace them as […]

Car Floor Mats

While some people only car about their car getting them from one point to another, other people care about keeping their car in good appearance and condition. There are many auto accessories that you can purchase to keep your car clean, comfortable, and looking good. One of these accessories is a vehicle floor mat. If […]

Front Bumper Cover

Would you like to personalize the look of your car? A great way to do this is with a new front bumper cover. Many people refer to a front bumper cover as "ground effects" and in some instances a front bumper cover installation does add to the overall effect that one is trying to give […]

What is Synthetic Motor Oil

When you go to the auto store or you have your oil changed you may see or be told that synthetic motor oil is being used. Do you know what synthetic motor oil is? Do you know what the advantages or disadvantages are with using this type of oil? A lot of people use this […]

Common Problems with a Torque Converter

A torque converter is used to transfer rotating power from a prime mover, which would be your gasoline engine, to a rotating driven loan. The torque converter simply takes the place of a mechanical clutch, which then allows for the loan to be divided from the power source. The beneficial part of a torque converter […]

Solar Powered Cars How They Work

When you think of solar powered cars, how they work is probably the first question that comes to mind. Solar powered cars are actually electric cars but instead of using plug-in technology, they are powered directly by solar energy. This solar energy is harnessed by solar panels that are attached to the outer surface of […]