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Engine Motor Mount

Many of us never think about our engine motor mount because we do not have a full appreciation for what it does. Without a fully functional engine motor mount as you motored down the road your engine would literally twist its way out of the engine compartment, forcing your vehicle to literally rattle apart and […]

How to Install Neon Car Lights

If you like the look of neon car lighting you can add it to your own vehicle quite easily. Car neon lighting will allow you to infuse a bit of your own personal style into your vehicle and will allow you to be noticed as you go down the road. Even if you have some […]

Spark Plug Tester

If you are like a lot of people, when your engine is sluggish you assume that you have a bad spark plug or simply a bad connection on one of your spark plugs. Most people simple jiggle their spark plugs around a bit to see if there are any changes, but a lot of other […]

Rear Main Seal

If you have ever been told that you need to replace your rear main seal and then told how much it would cost, you may still be suffering from sticker shock. If you don't know, the rear main seal is essentially a large rubber seal that fits between the engine and the transmission. The purpose […]

Car Windshield Glass Replacement and Repair

It has happened to the best of us. We are minding our own business and then suddenly there is a though whack on our windshield. We quickly look and low and behold we have a small chip or even a crack on your windshield glass. In the past this was a sure sign that you […]

Replacement Fuel Tank

If your fuel system is not working properly it could be due to a faulty fuel tank. In some instances the gauge in the fuel tank is not working correctly or the tank itself is leaking or not providing the fuel that is needed to the rest of the vehicle. When this happens you will […]

Valve Cover Gasket

You have probably heard of a valve cover gasket, but do you know what it is or why they commonly leak? It's true, the valve cover gaskets do leak quite often in any cars with more than 30,000 to 50,000 miles on them. Actually, most cars do not leak from this area of the engine, […]

How to Use a Vacuum Brake Bleeder

Do you bleed your own brakes? If you are tired of the mess that is associated with bleeding brakes manually you don't have to put up with it anymore. Instead of continuing to get oil everywhere you can us a vacuum brake bleeder. Many people wonder how much more effective a vacuum brake bleeder is, […]

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Many people have never heard of a fuel pressure regulator until something starts going wrong with the fuel aspect of their engine. The fuel pressure regulator is an integral part of the fuel system and if it is not functioning properly it could prove catastrophic for your vehicle as well as your pocket book. Luckily, […]

Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits are the most economical and straight forward way to raise a vehicle above the wheels and get the "lifted" look that so many people are crazy about. This is something that is done on more and more cars today either for functionality or just because the owner of the vehicle likes the […]