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EGR Valve

The EGR valve is one of those things that many people are sure that they know how to clean, but knowing how to clean EGR valve correctly is important. If you clean the valve in the wrong manner you may find that you take away from is efficiency or effectiveness. Proper cleaning of the EGR […]

Chrome Rims

If you look around as you go down the road you will notice that that the most popular type of car rims are definitely chrome rims. There are people of all ages, with all different vehicle types, tire sizes, and more that like chrome rims. Each person has a different reason for choosing chrome, but […]

Transfer Case Doubler

Many people who off road and go trail riding are always looking for better trail performance. Many seek out the better trail performance with lower gears so they modify their transmission and their differentials. If they are still looking for lower gears to slow things down and get more control as they go over large […]

Car Dashboard Cover

Car dashboard covers are as popular as every because they add a protective as well as a decorative element to every car that they are installed in. You can purchase car dashboard covers in a variety of places from a variety of different vendors in many different styles. Using car dashboard covers will help you […]

Exhaust Manifold Flange

Every internal combustion engine has what is known as an exhaust manifold flange. The exhaust manifold flange for an internal combustion engine is made from a piece of sheet of steel with a bead that extends around the entire outer edge of the part. The exhaust manifold flange is used to connecting at least one […]

Diesel Engine Oil

If you have a diesel engine car you should know that you cannot use the same oil as gasoline engines use. Just like the fuel that you buy for your car, there are differences in the oil that your vehicle needs to run at its very best. It's important that you know what to buy […]