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Head Gasket

The head gasket is the largest seal in the car engine. It seals the joint between the engine block and the cylinder head, keeping dozens of cylinders and channels from leaking into each other. A gasket failure, often called a gasket blowout, is usually caused by the failure of another component that causes the engine […]

Air Check Valve

An air check valve is a part for your secondary exhaust system that prevents your car from experiencing damaging by reducing harmful emissions in your car. A car's air check valve feeds exhaust gases into exhaust popes to keep the engine clean and the car clear of damage. Unburned fuel in the form of hydrocarbons […]

Disc Brake Caliper

A disc brake caliper is the device on which brake pads are mounted in the operation of a disc brake system. Disc brakes slow or stop the vehicle through the rotation of the wheel. Usually made of cast iron or ceramics, these brakes are connected to the wheel and operate on friction created by the […]

Digital Speedometer

Until recently, most drivers – not counting racer car drivers are the very, very rich – had to be content with gauging their driving speed by using an old fashioned speedometer. Sure, you could tell when you were going 20, or 55, or 80, but trying to gauge whether you were going 37 or 38 […]

Rear View Mirror

The rear view mirror allows a driver to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and objects. It is one of the most important safety devices in the vehicle. For this reason, a flat mirror must be used because a convex mirror would give a false impression of the true distance. In fact, it is […]

Battery Voltage Monitor

Battery failure is the most common reason for emergency call outs to roadside breakdowns. It is an inconvenient and expensive problem but it need not happen with a battery voltage monitor installed. These devices provide an accurate indication of the charge level, and some can even predict when a battery will fail. There are even […]

Car Care Kits

If you are like a lot of people, your vehicle is one of your biggest investments. You want to do everything you can to protect it from harsh elements as you go about your daily traveling, both near and far. You need to make sure you check your motor oil, transmission oil, tire pressure, windshield […]

License Plate Brackets

In the United States we call them license plates. International English speakers call them licence plates. Others call them number plates. Sometimes, even here in the United States, they are sometimes referred to simply as tags. No matter what you call it or how you spell it, a license plate is an important part of […]

Diesel Vacuum Pump

The diesel vacuum pump is an essential component for power brakes in diesel engine vehicles. By extracting air from the brake booster, it helps reduce the effort required to depress the brake pedal. Some pumps use a vane and rotor mechanism to create suction pressure, while others use a rubber diaphragm and plunger rod. Since […]

Ignition Coils

If you are an adult, chances are you own a car and drive it to work, the store, the shopping mall, grandma's house, and many other places from day to day. Unless you are a mechanic or especially car minded, you probably do not think about all the processes that go into something as seemingly […]