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Tire Chains

Tire chains are an important addition to any off-road drivers vehicle, and can be a highly valuable tool for situations where there's very little grip on the road. If you're an avid skier or snowboarded, four wheel drive enthusiast, or just someone that lives somewhere where road conditions often fall below the expected level, the […]

Honda Rims

If you own a Honda Accord, Insight, Honda Odyssey, Civic Wagon or a Honda Passport and it is time to upgrade your wheels, you should not settle for anything less than Honda rims. There is a new generation of low cost Honda rims on the market that look fantastic on your car and helps your […]

Electric Parking Brake

Electric parking brakes (EPB) offer the consumer the convenience of placing the parking break anywhere in the car and more vehicle safety, and reduce the human error of forgetting to engage the parking brake. Not only does this promote comfort for the driver, it also is more comfortable and allows for more interior design options. […]

Air Shocks

Each air shock absorber on vehicles that are equipped with them plays an important role in the smooth operation of the suspension of your vehicle. Air shock absorbers are found on cars, trucks, motorcycles and even on the suspension of commercial and private aircraft. Each air shocks absorber essentially absorbs the shock of the suspension […]

Camshaft Position Sensor

Electronic fuel injection systems rely on a number of sensors to control the delivery of the fuel and air mixture to the engine. One of these is the camshaft position sensor which uses the hall effect principle to detect when a magnet on the camshaft passes in front of it. Although it has no moving […]

Engine Torque Damper

Cars are an integral part of the American lifestyle. For many of us, they are integral because of what they can do for us – they get us from point A to point B, they save us time, and they allow us the freedom to travel anywhere our hearts desire and our gas money allows. […]


Thermagasket is a product produced by RX Auto. Thermagasket is a potion that claims to be able to repair cracked or breached head gaskets, a cracked head or cracked block. Cracked head gaskets, like many automobile malfunctions, can be a huge problem. The head gasket's job is to seal oil ports, cooling ports and the […]

Suspension Bushings

No one wants to be driving down the street while hearing pops and creaks when you are turning corners or coming to a stop. If you are hearing strange noises like this, your car's suspension may be bad or a suspension bushing needs replacement. Your suspension is vitally important to the performance of your car. […]


Any time you are speaking of the transaxle in the automotive field, you are talking about a major mechanical part that affects how the transmission, the differential and the axle are integrated together. Transaxles are in cars that have the engine and drive wheels at the same end of the car. For instance, front engines […]

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Nowadays, cigarette lighter adapters in cars are used much less for cigarettes and much more for our multitude of portable gadgets requiring power from the car's battery. Not that long ago, all cars came fitted with a cigarette lighter. Today, they are fitted with the adapter for use with other electronic equipment such as cell […]