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Window Regulator

As one of the important parts of any car door, a window regulator is responsible for the movement and control of the car's windows. Available in two varieties to suit the type of windows that your car is fitted with, window regulators can be either electronically driven or manually driven. Today, almost all window regulators […]

Bridgestone Tires

Bridgestone Tires specialize in tires for cars, light trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Bridgestone is big on the technology that has developed for their tires. These technologies focus on traction, wet handling, wear and punctures, comfort, and noise. Your budget, your geographic location and the type of vehicle you drive will govern how you […]

Portable Winch

Portable winches are something that most on-road car owners don't even think about. Off-road, however, it's a completely different story. A portable winch is a highly valuable tool for anyone that spends their time off-roading, towing, or pulling their grounded vehicles out of the mud, and still doesn't want to attach a winch to their […]

Car Thermostat

Your car thermostat is responsible not just for setting the temperature of your vehicle, but for maintaining and generating that temperature. Generally, it's connected to your car's heating system, which can range from a full air conditioning system to a simple fan heater depending on the age and technological level of your car. There are […]

Dent Removal Kit

Dents and scratches are something that nobody wants to have effecting their car. Whether you're in a brand new car, or a top quality used car, the last thing you need is body damage preventing your car from achieving the value and look that it should. With panel beaters and paint shops charging massive rates […]

Cruise Control Switch

Cruise control comes as a standard feature in many new cars and relatively modern used cars. Pioneered in the luxury car market, cruise control is a simple system designed to moderate and limit your driving speed independently from the amount of pressure that you apply to the accelerator. In practical terms, it allows you to […]

Xenon HID Kits

An Xenon HID Kit allows you to upgrade your lighting system on your vehicle so that it is much safer to drive at night. In fact the light output is much closer to that of natural daylight. Upgrading your lighting system with an Xenon HID kit utilizes a revolutionary new concept in automotive lighting. If […]

Chrome Door Handles

Back in the 1950's in the United States, car culture reigned supreme. Boys bought cars in order to impress girls, and better yet, if they were lucky they could drive said girls up to Inspiration Point in those cars and perhaps learn a few lessons about the birds and the bees. With car culture going […]

Centerforce Clutch

With nine patents under their wing, Centerforce has a reputation for their clutches to be high-tech and fancy. While some think they are overrated, other think they are definitely worth all of the hype. The Centerforce clutches have been around for more than 25 years. The company credits its longstanding history of solid products to […]

K&N Air Filters

The makers of K&N air filters are giants in their field of work. They promise significant and bona fide horsepower improvements on the make and models of the vehicles they equip, and if they can't promise a better boost, they won't even sell the product. Manufactures of air intake filters for more than 30 years, […]