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Car Door Parts

The two main reasons for buying car door parts are upgrades and repairs. The parts of a typical car door include the shell, window, interior, lock, latch, and side mirror. Conversion kits are available for upgrading the locks and windows to powered versions, and the windows can also be tinted to reduce glare. Many car […]

Turbo Resonator

The turbo resonator is a muffler that slightly reduces the high-pitched noise that comes from the turbocharger, often referred to as turbo whine. It can also change the tone of the noise to make it sound deeper and more appealing. Most turbo resonators are simple, inexpensive and lightweight units that can be quickly installed with […]

Rear Transmission Seal

If there is one word that most people do not want to hear on a trip to the mechanic, that word is "transmission." We rely on our cars from everything from getting to work to getting the groceries and when that car is down for the count, as it often is when there is transmission […]

Ceramic Auto Heater

People who live in cold climates sometimes find that they need an auxiliary heating device to warm up their car and to help keep their windows and windshields clear in the winter months. A ceramic auto heater can fill the need for extra heating for your car. You no longer have to sit in a […]

Tilt Steering Column

A tilt steering column is also known as an adjustable steering wheel. The tilt steering column was first manufactured by General Motors in 1963. When it first came out on the market it had seven adjustable positions. These adjustable steering wheels used to be a luxury item on automobiles, but now they are installed in […]

Off Road Wheels

In this day and age, with almost every corner of America connected by highways and most everyone using cars to get around, it is hard to imagine that the United State's interstate system was only initiated in the 1950's by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and that it was only a few decades before that that […]

Pioneer Car Audio

If you are like many people, there is nothing that relaxes you more than driving along on a sunny summer day, not a cloud in the sky, with the radio in your car cranked up and the windows rolled down. There is just something soothing, relaxing, happy and even free about listening to your favorite […]

Seat Heater Kit

If you live in one of the colder regions of the world, a heated seat in an automobile during the cold winter months can be a luxury you would not live without. In fact, you will most commonly find seat heaters installed in cars that are driven in colder climates as opposed to those driven […]

Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

People who love to go bike riding for a hobby like to go to a remote location to ride their bike or to a bicycle event in another town. The best way to transport a bicycle when traveling is by using a bicycle rack that can be mounted onto your vehicle. You can find several […]

Oil Mist Filter

Have you ever worked in an industrial setting? If not, perhaps you have toured an industrial site as a consultant or, when in school, as part of a class trip. After all, the part of the United States now known as the "Rust Belt" was once alive with machines working nonstop to power the United […]