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Bushing Driver Set

Whether you are a mechanic or work on cars as a hobby you know that having the right tools is essential in getting the job done right. Working on cars can require many different tools and equipment so it is necessary to be prepared before you start any car project. There is nothing worse than […]

Headlight Switch

Your car's headlights can act up, and if there's ever an issue with your headlights, you must fix it immediately. To assure you, and others on the road, are safe, you can't drive without properly working headlights. Any car, whether new or old, can fall a victim to a variety of headlight problems, and many […]

Wheel Bearing Seals

The wheel bearings support two very important jobs for a vehicle's suspension. They allow wheels to rotate with minimal friction as well as support the weight of the vehicle on top of them while in use. To function correctly, the bearings must remain in near perfect condition and no leaks or contaminants must occur. This […]

Diesel Fuel Water Separator

All vehicles require fuel to drive. Some require gasoline while others run off of diesel fuel. You may be wondering what the differences are between gasoline powered vehicles versus those that use diesel fuel. Maybe you have heard of a diesel fuel water separator and are curious about what that is and what purpose it […]

Oil Cooler Adapter

Many vehicles can benefit from using an oil cooler adaptor because it allows the oil to be cooled and filtered between the point of the oil filter and engine block. This is a very important thing to utilize especially if the vehicle is in heavy use and oil temperatures will go up to levels which […]

Truck Leveling Kits

Truck leveling kits do just what the name suggests that they do. They level your truck. When you haul cargo in the bed or pull a trailer or other type of equipment behind your truck, it takes its toll on the body and suspension of the vehicle. Truck leveling kits get your truck back in […]

Radiator Caps

A very important component of any vehicle is a properly fitting radiator cap. These special caps sit on the top of a radiator and allow access to the coolant reservoir of the radiator. It is important that the cap that is already there is capable of withstanding high pressure increases and if any damages occur […]

16 Inch Tires

Decades ago 16 inch tires were used for American made Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles. They were used for the front and rear tires. 16 inch tires were also used on 3/4 ton pick-up trucks, boat trailers and utility trailers. In the 40's, 50's and 60's the standard tire size for passenger vehicles were most […]

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Many people take pride in the way their car looks both on the outside and inside. Running your car through a car wash can keep the exterior looking clean and shiny however when it comes to keeping the inside of your car clean you have to take the time to clear the clutter and vacuum […]

Torque Converter Stator

The torque converter is a special part that is designed to increase the mechanical power of the engine when used. It is designed with several parts and is a closed system which can be one of two modes. A locked and a non-locking torque converter option are possible and can be used in different vehicles. […]