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Blower Motor Resistor

The blower motor resistor is an important part to the car's heating and cooling system. Without the blower motor resistor the car will not blow heat or air on the lowest and middle settings. If you are suddenly stuck in a car that only blows air on high then you will want to fix the […]

Tuner Rims

Imported economy cars are now being referred to as tuner cars in a lot of areas in America. Because they are so light weight and can be purchased at relatively lower cost than an American dedicated sports car, more and more people are buying them and customizing their looks. When individuals want to customize these […]

Dual Battery Systems

Almost any vehicle can be modified to have a dual battery system which composes of the vehicle's battery which is used to run the vehicle and another larger, deep cycle battery for extended use with appliances and other needs. These setups are not difficult to implement and there are many kits and procedures that can […]

Synthetic Oil Filters

When it comes to taking care of our vehicles, one of the most important things we can do is change the oil regularly. Without clean oil and oil filters our cars cannot function properly. The type of vehicle you drive and the weather climate you live in can determine the best kind of oil you […]

Cooling Fan Clutch

A cooling fan clutch is an integral part of any vehicle that uses a combustion engine. The purpose of the cooling fan clutch is simply to signal more ambient air into the radiator area to lower to temperature to ensure that the vehicle does not overheat. One of the issues that may occur in any […]

Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

There are plenty of people who may keep their own diesel fuel available at a farm or other location which will need to have an appropriate transfer pump attached to allow for efficient transfer of fuel into a vessel for keeping as well as back out into a vehicle that requires diesel fuel. There are […]

Canister Purge Valve

The purpose of the canister purge valve is to allow the fuel in the gas tank to mix with the available air before being purged into the intake manifold. This allows the fuel and air mixture to be correct and allows the vehicle to run correctly. There are little things you could do to ensure […]

Towing Mirrors

Many people are driving large vehicles such as a full size vans and trucks, semi-trucks, RV's, campers or moving trucks each day. Unfortunately, there are just some vehicles that are too big that the driver cannot see the road properly. Not only can this make changing lanes difficult but also reversing or parking the vehicle. […]

Headrest DVD Player

Today, it's quite difficult to find a normal video player (VCR). Most electrical retailers don't even carry old style VCRs anymore because of the popularity of newer DVD technologies. DVDs not only offer more quality, but they are also cheaper to produce and smaller to store. Unless you have some old VCR films at home, […]

Antenna Toppers

Some people enjoy adding accessories to their car for the pure joy of doing so. Not all accessories have to serve a function but can be added just for looks or entertainment. Antenna toppers are one of those accessories that people add to their car to be fun or to represent something that they enjoy. […]