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Heim Joint

Heim joints, more commonly known as rod end or rose joint bearings, are automatic joints that are specifically used in vehicles which are need of a mechanism that can bridge communication and functionality between certain mechanical contraptions, such as the steering gear. Heim joints are constructed so that they can replace a precision rotating joint. […]

Digital Voltmeters

Everybody who has spent their adult life driving knows the anguish a dead car battery can cause. In the worst case scenario, you get stuck in some place where a car’s cables can’t reach you, there’s nobody around, or you don’t have jumper cables. In that case you might have to spend a lot of […]

Underdrive Crank Pulley

An underdrive crank pulley is considered to be an accessory for your car, where the stock crank pulley is replaced with a high-performance component. For those seeking to receive more power and greater performance from your car, an Underdrive pulley will definitely have a significant effect. Underdrive pulleys being used from the 1950s where they […]

Wheel Balancers

Getting four new tires for your car may take a bit of bite out of your wallet, but it would be a worthy investment. However, if you do not want your car to rock and rumble on the road on its new tires, you really should partake in a bit of wheel balancing. Every time […]

Camper Trailer

Camper trailers are smaller versions of travel trailers that can be towed with any kind of truck or automobile. They are also referred to as popups. They feature a solid base made of wood or metal, with canvas stretched over a collapsible frame. Upon reaching a camp site, the camper can be unfolded with the […]

Exhaust Resonator

For a few years during the 1990’s and early 2000’s, it became a trend among teenagers and some auto buffs to remove their vehicle’s muffler and ride while making a great deal of noise. Do you remember hearing very loud cars zooming around parking lots, parks, clubs and other teenage hangouts? Then you remember the […]

Metal Emblems

Almost every car comes with some sort of emblem attached to them. At their most basic, these denote the make and model of the car. Also common is the emblem of the company who sold the car, as they attach their own emblems for advertisement. The reason they do this is because people notice car […]

Rear Axle Bushes

The rear axle refers to the drive axle which connects the rear wheels with a central differential, which is used to create proper distribution between both axle sides. Some rear axles connect with a crossbeam which just works to support the rear end of your vehicle, but this is only necessary for vehicles with front […]

Fuel Vapor Canister

Traditionally, the storage systems and the vapor recovery of an automotive vehicle comprise a vapor canister which is remotely mounted, and is operatively connected via distinct valves and lines within the fuel tank. Generally, vapor canisters come in the shape of a small box and usually have a number of spots for hoses in the […]

Asanti Wheels

There is an American saying that goes, “The car makes the man.” If this is true, then there are a lot of very well treated, smooth running and highly decorated men out there. Arguably, ever since cars became a popular mode of transportation (first, for the gentlemen classes, the only ones who could afford them, […]