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Fuel Injector Flow Bench

The fuel injectors in our cars are necessary parts to keeping the car running. Without fuel injectors our engines would not receive the fuel to ignite the car. Unfortunately our fuel injectors can have problems and we begin to notice when our car does not have the same efficiency as it once did. Our cars […]

Gel Cell Battery Charger

There are many types of batteries used to power vehicles and other motorized equipment. Whenever you have a vehicle that is powered by a battery you should also keep a battery charger on hand in the event the battery runs low on power and you are stuck with a vehicle that cannot be started. Although […]

Synthetic Gear Oil

Providing our vehicles with the proper fluids and lubricants is vital in keeping the vehicle running smoothly and for many years to come. There are so many fluids required such as windshield wiper fluid, break fluids, motor oil, antifreeze and gear lubricants and they all are necessary and serve a different purpose. Gear oil is […]

Magnetic Oil Filter

There are so many new and improved car parts today that are designed to help keep your car running smoothly and more efficiently. Manufacturers are constantly striving to find new innovative ideas that can help us get more miles out of our cars without needing to run to the mechanic as often for repairs. Obviously […]

Adjustable Shock Absorber

There are different types of shock absorbers that can be placed on a car however they all are made to serve the same purpose. Some of the shock absorbers are made to withstand a broader range of loads. The adjustable shock absorbers are better at bearing loads up to 30 times the amount as the […]

Leaf Spring Pads

There are many types of springs that can be used for a vehicles suspension. One of the older types of springs used were leaf springs. Leaf springs have also been called carriage springs or laminated springs in the past and currently may be referred to as cart springs or semi-elliptical springs. The leaf spring was […]

Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Most exhaust manifolds are composed of either cast iron materials or stainless steel materials. The exhaust manifold is a part of your car which is responsible for gathering the engine exhaust and sending it through cylinders and out the exhaust pipe. The more cylinders a car has, the more fuel combustion there is which makes […]

Trailer Brake Controller

A trailer brake controller is an electronic device which is used to transfer power from the towage vehicle to the electric brakes of the trailer. There are many different types of trailer brake controllers, which are unique in terms of looks and braking power. However, all of them can be categorized into two main groups: […]

Hub Unit Bearing

Installing new hub unit bearings is actually a relatively easy process to execute if you follow the instructions carefully. However, if you feel unconfident, or uncomfortable at the thought of changing hub unit bearings yourself, then it is best to take your car to a certified mechanic who will do this for you. This will […]

Spark Plug Socket

If your spark plugs are starting to wear out, then you will notice that you start to have trouble starting your car. As a rough guide, it is advised that you should change your spark plugs every thirty thousand miles. This is why it is a good idea to keep spare spark plugs, and also […]