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Engine Rebuild Kits

Vehicles are typically built with strong performing engines but the life cycle of a car’s engine can be rather short in some cases. A few decades ago, an engine would typically only last around five to seven years before it needs rebuilt – preferably by using engine rebuild kits. Usually the life span for an […]

Brake Caliper

If this has ever happened to you, you will never forget it. You are driving along, minding your own business. Perhaps you have the windows rolled down and the radio up and you are happy with the world. And then you see a stop light, or a stop sign, or perhaps a car slowing up […]

Honda Accord Rims

There are many ways to customize your car to make it look stylish and fit your personality. No matter which type of vehicle you own you may choose to alter the exterior. One of the best ways to enhance the outside appearance of your car is to add new rims to the tires. Honda Accords […]

Electric Car Jack

For many years changing a flat tire consisted of dragging a jack out of the trunk, manually raising the car and then replacing the tire. Today, an electric car jack can cut the work of changing a tire in half. An electric car jack is a device that is designed to work with your car’s […]

Car Leather Cleaner

Though once only included in more expensive models, leather is now available in a variety of different vehicles from many automobile manufacturers. Of course, as beautiful and luxurious as leather is, it brings with it a slight degree of difficulty with regards to cleaning and maintaining its beauty. Car leather cleaner was designed to help […]

Throttle Cable

The throttle cable is an important part in your vehicle that must be working at all times to assure your vehicle is performing properly. The throttle cable is responsible for keeping the engine’s throttle body and accelerator pedal connected. If the throttle cable isn’t properly in place, it could lead to faulty acceleration or possibly […]

Bosch Oxygen Sensor

An oxygen sensor (or O2 sensor) is a component within your vehicle that is used to provide vital information to your vehicle's computer system. The most important data that is transferred is the fuel-to-air ratio your vehicle is operating at. You will want your vehicle to be steadily around 14.7:1 fuel-to-air ratio but this cannot […]

Thule Roof Racks

Automobile roof racks provide solutions for transporting equipment. The most popularly chosen functional transport for vehicles today are Thule roof racks. These racks allow you to easily transport sporting and other equipment and can be adapted to fit a variety of different vehicles. When choosing a roof rack, it is important to understand that there […]

Strut Braces

Tue car-enthusiasts are never satisfied with the stock versions of their new car. However, if you love modifications, it is important that you accessorize your vehicle with the right peripheral to make it look great and unique. One such accessory that is a must have and guarantees to provide the ultimate car performance is the […]

Truck Fender Flares

Fender flares allow you to give your truck an off road look and feel. They have become very popular with trucks in the last few years, as they look great. The basic purpose of fender flares, is to add width to the wheel openings of your truck. These days, you can buy fender flares to […]