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Release Bearing

The basic definition of a release bearing is a ball bearing and collar assembly. As well as being called a release bearing, it is also sometimes known as a throw out bearing. The purpose of a release bearing is to reduce any friction between the presser plate levers, and the release fork. The sealed unit […]

Clear Bumper Lens

Bumper lenses are a purely stylistic addition to any car. They really don’t offer anything to your car in terms of performance or visibility (at least, not yours), they exist purely as decoration. And for those of us who care about decorating our cars, making them look as great as the possibly can, it’s important […]

Champion Spark Plug

The spark plug is a small electrical component that is attached to the cylinder head in most vehicle engines. The spark plug is responsible for igniting gasoline and other similar compressed fuels. This is done through creating an electric spark with this particular component. Also, spark plugs are used for other items as well such […]

Wheel Simulator

For those who want the stylish look of rims without the cost, consider wheel simulators. Sparing you the cost of aluminum or chrome, these accessories are easy to install and are great for your dually truck or van. The first thing you will want to consider is whether or not you will need to remove […]

CV Joint

The CV joint, also known as the constant velocity joint, is an important component within a drive shaft in most vehicles. The specific drive shaft that contains the CV joint is the one which connects to the wheel and transmission of the vehicle at each end of the drive shaft. The CV joints are fully […]

Forged Pistons

Pistons slide up and down the cylinder walls in a vehicle's engine as a way to achieve air and fuel compression within the cylinder region. Properly functioning pistons are necessary for a vehicle's engine to be able to operate correctly. Any vehicle that has a high performance engine will especially need working pistons. The type […]

EGR Valve

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve is a vital component in your vehicle’s exhaust circulation system. Without a working EGR valve your vehicle won’t perform up to par and can cause engine problems. This is a part which has been incorporated into vehicles for nearly half a century (originally to minimize pollution) and is basically […]

Carburetor Rebuild Kit

For anyone who restores old cars, boats or even lawn mowers as a hobby, it is common knowledge that finding parts, getting them repaired, and installing them can take a great deal of time and often, an even greater quantity of money. That’s why people how are interested in restoring classic cars (or simply working […]

Dodge Ram Parts

If you have a Dodge Ram pick-up truck you will want to give it the proper care and maintenance to keep it functioning well and its performance reliable. The Dodge Company manufactures many other vehicles than just this large truck. The Dodge Dakota is another popular yet small pick-up truck produced by Dodge. They also […]

Cat Back Exhaust System

Most vehicles today use exhaust systems that require a catalytic converter. This is a device that is designed to remove harmful components in exhaust and converting them into other products that are considered to be less harmful. In the United States, it has become illegal to drive a car without a catalytic converter or cat. […]