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Differential Spider Gears

A car’s differential is an integral part in converting the power of the engine to actual car function and movement. In essence, the job of the differential is to take the power that has already been put into moving the gears in the transmission, and use it to help move the car’s actual wheels. The […]

Blow off Valves

Arguably the most popular item when it comes to racing is the turbocharger. Usually just referred to as turbo, it’s an essential part when it comes to car performance, and it’s one that power without adding much weight at all to the car. That means that adding a turbo provides almost a pure speed increase. […]

Oil Pan Gasket

The oil pan is the part of the engine responsible for holding whatever oil is not running through the engine. This is true whether the car is on or off, and its job doesn’t go much further than that. The oil pan is located at the bottom of the engine, and can hold anywhere between […]

Radiator Hose

Your car’s radiator hose should be replaced every two or three years whether it goes bad or not. While this may be an ambitious effort to keep your car parts up to date, it can save a possibly stressful and costly situation from occurring in the future. It wouldn’t cost much to buy, and install, […]

Custom Axle Shafts

In order to understand why you might need a custom axle shaft, it’s important to know exactly what axle shafts are and what they do. The axle shaft is a key component in a number of vehicle functions, all of which involve the wheel system. Axle shafts in general are the base that gears can […]

Car Top Carrier

A car top carrier allows you to double the space that you have for storage. When traveling, car top carriers can be very convenient as they allow you to place larger items on top of the car saving room in your trunk for other items. There is a wide variety of car top carriers currently […]

Pinion Depth Gauge

There are two parts of the car that are referred to as pinions in a car. The first is in the steering system. When referring to the pinion in the steering system, the pinion is part of a rack and pinion system that is essentially responsible for turning your tires. When you turn the steering […]

Fuel Distributor

The power behind the modern day cars originates from their technically superior engines. These powerful engines require the right mixture of gasoline and oxygen to provide the power and speed we desire. This is made possible by the Fuel distributor which regulates the fuel mass supplied to the engine. The engine revs up and explodes […]

Pedal Extender

A pedal extender is a device that enables you to bring your car’s gas and brake pedals closer to you when driving. These extenders are used by shorter individuals in order to more easily drive a full-sized vehicle. Since most consumer cars and trucks today implement airbags for safety reasons, pedal extenders are very important […]

Crankcase Breather

A crankcase breather is designed to help prevent the buildup of gas inside the crankcase. The crankcase is a metal shaft that holds many parts, particularly the crankshaft. Allowing gas and other debris to build up on the crankcase can cause damage to your engine. A crankcase breather helps to prevent this damage by reducing […]