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Off Road Snorkels

Any type of off road vehicle is prone to get wet sooner or later, especially if you're driving off road in muddy or wet terrain. If you do this on a regular basis however, you risk damaging your engine by hydro-locking it. In order to keep the water out of your engine, and ensure the […]

Iridium Spark Plugs

Most modern automobile engines rely upon the concept of combustion to turn air, gasoline, and electricity into kinetic energy that can be used by the vehicle on an on-demand basis. At the beginning of the combustion cycle are the spark plugs, which facilitate the creation of a spark using anywhere from 40,000 to 110,000 volts […]

Audi Diagnostic Tools

An Audi is a very nice car to own. What's great about owning an Audi is not only does this brand of car look great, but it also performs well. While there are several luxury brands that produce cars that look great, it's not uncommon for these cars to fall short in the performance department. […]

Rear Axle Assembly

The rear axle assembly is certainly one of the more important parts that make up your vehicle. It is responsible for connecting the two rear wheels on rear wheel drive vehicles; it carries the entire weight of the rear part of the vehicle and has the important task of driving forward both rear wheels. The […]

Tail Light Tint Film

Ever wonder how other drivers have such nice looking tail lights on their cars or trucks? Many use tail light covers to get the euro or custom look they want to give their vehicle a real sporty look. If you have looked around before for tail light covers, you may have found that there are […]

Grille Guards

Those who are concerned about what will happen to their front bumper in the event of a head-on collision will want to take a look at some of the different grille guards which are available on the market right now. If you have a truck or car that you value, it will certainly be important […]

Aftermarket Cruise Control

Cruise control is one of the those features that no car owner places in particular importance but for the few times they decide to make long distance trips with their personal automobile. It is then that, having pressed down the gas pedal for several hundred miles and many hours, cruise control becomes a new automotive […]

Car Tweeters

It is quite obvious that a handful of those who are reading this article have went on long drives, either alone or with their loved ones, enjoying the surroundings and the peaceful music. Then one part of the song comes up which is a particular favorite, perhaps a guitar solo, and the passengers are immersed […]

Auto Glass

Glass is a necessary part of vehicles in order to keep the driver and passengers safe. There are two different types of glass for automobiles, including tempered and laminated. The latter has been used in designing and manufacturing cars since the 1920s and it is a rather simple process which involves placing two panes of […]

Weather Pack Connectors

Weather pack connectors are mainly required in vehicles which will be exposed to a variety of different conditions which may make the vehicle stall or lose functionality if the wiring is exposed normally. These weather pack connectors use very nice sealed systems that make it nearly impossible to have loss of functionality due to the […]