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Steering Stabilizers

A steering stabilizer functions in similar way as a shock absorber in that it controls any unwanted movement from the steering mechanism on certain on road and off road vehicles. A steering stabilizer is most often used in high performance and or custom applications. They can be a standard factory item on certain high performance […]

Truck Mud Guards

Regardless of the environment you live in, it is inevitable that you will eventually encounter muddy or wet roads. Unfortunately, when your tires make contact with wet road rain, sleet, or mud is often thrown onto the side of the vehicle after the traction of the tires picks it up from the road and tosses […]

Cigarette Lighter Adapters

Anyone that owns a vehicle will have one or more cigarette lighters in the vehicle. If they are nonsmokers or people who do not smoke cigarettes often enough to use these lighters, they can make the real estate for the lighter much more useful. Cigarette lighter adapters are perfect additions to any vehicle that has […]

Precut Tint Film

If you have been considering having the windows of your vehicle tinted and are reluctant due to the cost involved, then you may be interested to know that there are DIY precut tint film kits on the market for almost any vehicle imaginable. However, before you get started there are several things you should be […]

Lightweight Flywheel

An increasing number of people have been putting lightweight flywheels on their vehicles because of the many benefits they provide, including a smoother operation with regards to the transmission and the clutch. If you are considering getting one of these for your vehicle it will be important to think carefully about which kind you are […]

Pop-Up Sunroof

If you are looking to get more sunlight in your life while you're driving, a pop-up sunroof may be the modification needed for your vehicle. This customization will allow more sunlight to enter the cabin of your vehicle, giving you a more outdoor feeling while you drive. If your vehicle already has a sunroof but […]

Auto Compass

Being lost on the road is perhaps one of the most dreaded events of any road trip, which is why it is important to have adequate navigation utilities in order to prevent being lost. Some people choose to use GPS systems to help them find their place of destination with detailed driving directions. However, a […]

Chevy Programmers

Technology has come a long way since the beginning of the combustion engine. Carburetors, air cleaners, pistons and other engine parts were considered high tech at the beginning of the 20th century. The advancement with state of the art technology that is involved with motors today is impressive. Since the dawn of computers and the […]

Mercedes Benz Wheels

The alloy wheels on Mercedes Benz cars are famous for a number of reasons, including their durable design and aesthetically-pleasing exterior. An increasing number of people have been looking into getting a set of these for their own vehicle because they tend to last a long time and can provide the kind of looks that […]

Organic Brake Pads

Organic brake pads were first recognized in the seventies where they had a short stint of popularity. It was not long until they were filtered out as they were low quality, performed poorly, and had numerous health risks associated with the material used for the brake pads. While brake pads are necessary, organic brake pads […]