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Power Steering Belt

Power steering belts aren't as common as they once were, with more cars adopting a full-electric power steering system. However, a great number of American and foreign automobiles use an electric-hydraulic power steering system and still require this invaluable belt. The official name of any automotive belt is the “serpentine belt.” The power steering belt […]

Inner Tie Rod

As any experienced mechanic knows, tie rods are an integral part of a vehicle’s steering mechanism and are only capable of handling tensile loads. Each tie rod is comprised of both an outer and inner end and they are employed to transmit force from either the rack gear or steering center link to the steering […]

RV Levelers

Many people who own recreational vehicles, trailers, or fifth wheels, at one time or another have experienced a situation where a leveling system would create a more stable parking situation. Although, many places where RVs are allowed the facilities most of the time provide stable and level parking spots. Even though these parking spots can […]

Bug Deflectors

If you're sick of looking at squashed bugs on your windshield, bug deflectors may be the solution for your vehicle. Bug deflectors are devices that keep bugs from getting on your windshield and creating an aesthetically unappealing appearance on the front of your car. Aside from making your car look ugly, having many squashed bugs […]

Glow Gauge

A glow gauge is basically a template or face that fits down over your vehicle’s original gauge face. The glow gauge replaces the lighting scheme that is currently in your vehicle. Basic factory lighting schemes are typically red and blue colors glowing from the needs and numbers. A glow gauge allows you to put different […]

Replacement Carburetors

Carburetors are an integral piece of a vehicle that greatly affect the performance and lifetime of your car, truck, or SUV. Automotive engines are designed to burn gasoline in order to create pressure and then convert this pressure into movement. Each combustion cycle within the engine requires a miniscule amount of gasoline – about 10 […]

Short Ram Intake

A Short Ram Intake (SRI) is an easy aftermarket modification that you can make to your car or truck engine. Modifying with a short ram intake will keep the air filter inside the engine bay and will connect directly to the throttle body. This is in direct contrast to a Cold Air Intake (CAI) which […]