3M Scratch Remover

3M is one of the most reputable manufacturing companies in existence, providing quality products since 1902. The company currently specializes in providing a diverse range of products that include but are not limited to office supplies, tools, telecommunications systems, healthcare products, adhesives, home improvement products, and safety/security equipment. As of the end of 2010 the company made more than $27 billion in global sales, employees 80,000 staff members, and provided products in more than 200 countries. A new product released by 3M that has gained a lot of popularity during the past couple of years is the 3M Scratch Remover, which is a professional grade scratch remover designed to repair the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle's exterior.

What Can 3M Scratch Remover Do?
3M Scratch Remover is capable of removing scratches up to grade 1200. To put this into perspective, a grade 1200 scratch would be caused by something as small as a quickly moving particle of sand. In addition to removing scratches caused by debris, it can also repair oxidation, water spots, and swirl marks caused by consistent exposure to the elements. 3M Scratch Remover works by using abrasives to polish the scratch until it is even with the surrounding surface, thereby making the scratch invisible. As far as professional bodywork is concerned 3M Scratch Remover is the product of choice for thousands of professionals around the world, and is the ideal solution for preparing and protecting automotive paint. In fact, it is so effective that it would be very difficult to notice that there was ever a scratch after the remover has been properly applied.

How to Apply 3M Scratch Remover
There are two ways to apply 3M Scratch Remover – by hand or with a polishing machine. A foam or terry applicator pad is recommended when applying the scratch remover by hand, as they allow you to evenly apply the product for optimal results. Simply pour a dab of 3M Scratch Remover that is about the size of the end of your thumb onto the pad and then polish the scratch remover circularly over any blemishes until the product dries completely. Since there will be some residue left by the scratch remover it is important to use a clean, nonabrasive microfiber towel to buff the spot when you're finished. When a rotary or dual action machine polisher is used to apply 3M Scratch Remover you'll need to place a couple of lines of scratch remover onto the blemished spot and then use the polisher gently with a light cutting foam pad. For ideal results it is important to remember to buff the excess polish off of the paint when finished, regardless of whether you're using a machine or manually applying the product.

Types and Cost of 3M Scratch Remover
A single 8 ounce bottle of 3M Scratch Remover usually costs anywhere from $8-$20, depending primarily on the supplier. However, most online retailers also charge a shipping fee of $10-$20, so it may be best to check for the product at a local auto parts store. There are also 3M Scratch Removal systems that only cost about $30, which include foam polishing pads, a disk pad holder, and a 3000 grit abrasive square. Given the fact that a single 8 ounce bottle of 3M Scratch Remover can last for a very long time and facilitate the completion of dozens of scratch removals, there are no larger-sized bottles available. However, some online retailers do offer rebates or discounts when you purchase an entire scratch removal kit or several bottles at once.

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