ABS Accumulator

The Anti-Lock Brake System is a highly sophisticated braking system which is found in many newer vehicles. Most new vehicles are designed with some type of ABS brakes. Anti-Lock Brakes work with a 4 wheel system which stops the possibility of wheels locking up. This is done easily as the brake pressure is regulated during an emergency stop. The ABS accumulator works as part of the ABS system and is responsible for some important tasks.

Anti-Lock Brake System
An ABS setup can be very valuable in emergency situations. The brake pressure is regulated by the Anti-Lock Brake System and it will allow for the driver to be able to operate the steering wheel properly. This system also helps your vehicle come to a complete stop as quickly as possible. ABS will not affect how the brake pressure feels when driving normally and is only functional during emergency situations. Once the ABS are activated, you will notice the brake pedal feels weird – you will likely feel a pulse in the pedal, then a change in the pedal's height and a clicking sound.

What the ABS Accumulator Does

The most vital function of the Anti-Lock Brake System is that it activates when an emergency stop is attempted. The ABS accumulator plays a major role in the whole performance and this braking system wouldn't work without it.

The ABS system is pumping the brakes for you when an emergency situation strikes, and sometimes you may not be capable of stepping down on the brake yourself. In order to do this, the ABS system will need to be able to pump the brakes for you, and pressure is necessary for this to be done – this is where the ABS accumulator comes into play.

The ABS accumulator gathers up pressure and preserves it until it needs to be used. Once an emergency situation occurs, the pressure will be taken from the ABS accumulator in order to pump the brakes for you. It's important to make sure that the ABS accumulator is always working or else your Anti-Lock Brake System will not be able to work properly when necessary.

If you discover that the ABS accumulator is no longer in proper working condition, you can buy a replacement accumulator at a local auto parts shop or online. A replacement ABS accumulator will easily set you back hundreds of dollars, but it's an essential part in ensuring your safety when driving.

Pressure Stored in the ABS Accumulator
There is a high pressure electric pump that also works with the ABS system and is responsible for creating power to help with ABS braking. This pump also works during normal braking. The fluid pressure which is created by the high pressure electric pump will be stored in the ABS accumulator and is only used when ABS braking is activated. The ABS accumulator will provide sufficient pressure for the ABS system to press the brakes for you and make sure the vehicle comes to a complete stop as quickly as possible.

Overall, the ABS system is a fantastically designed safety feature that can help prevent possibly life threatening accidents while on the road. There are many situations that could occur which would leave you unable to pump your brakes yourself, but if you have an ABS system, you can rely on it to do the job when an emergency occurs.

The ABS accumulator is just one part of the system which is responsible for a major job, and without it, the ABS system wouldn't work properly. Make sure you always have a properly working ABS accumulator so the system is always working right. Replace a bad ABS accumulator immediately as you never know when an emergency situation will occur.

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  1. I would just like to say that all this information is correct, but it's better to not rely on the ABS to brake for you all the time in emergency situations. It would suck if you did and you found out, "oh, crap, it doesn't work" a split second before your head kisses the dashboard

  2. Can we use this system for some other applications like machines operating at high speeds?