Adjustable Shock Absorber

There are different types of shock absorbers that can be placed on a car however they all are made to serve the same purpose. Some of the shock absorbers are made to withstand a broader range of loads. The adjustable shock absorbers are better at bearing loads up to 30 times the amount as the shock absorbers that are not adjustable. The job of the shock absorber is to stop a moving load with as little rebound as possible. They convert kinetic energy from the load into heat which is then released out into the atmosphere.

The adjustable shock absorbers have a graduated dial located on the outside that is used to adjust them. The dial is used to control the size of the openings determining the amount of hydraulic fluid that is can flow through the orifices. There is a ring located around the orifices that is controlled by the dial. This ring is what moves to increase or decrease the hydraulic fluid. The dial has a scale that runs 1 through 10. It also rotates from 90 to 180 degrees. When the dial is set to a higher number it means that the resistance to the impact is greater.

There are several types of adjustable shock absorbers. There are 2 way, 3 way, 4 way and 5 way adjustable absorbers. The 2 way absorber has a high flow piston along with a larger diameter. This type of adjustable shock absorber is easy to tune and adjust. The 2 way adjustable shock absorber can adjust the rebound without causing effects on the compression and at the same time the compression can be adjusted without affecting the rebound. The adjustable shock absorbers are made with high quality materials in order to provide a great ride over big bumps.

3 way, 4 way and 5 way adjustable shock absorbers also have adjustable dials that control the amount of hydraulic fluid that is released just like the 2 way absorbers. The 3 way, 4 way and 5 way adjustable shock absorbers also have high and low shaft speed adjustments as well. With an added canister, both the high and low speed adjustments are located here. The rebound adjustment is then located on the shaft. The 5 way adjustable shock absorber also has an added feature which allows for adjusting the gas pressure as well.

Adjustable shock absorbers are best suited for vehicles that need to carry a heavy load. Vehicles that are constantly going over rough terrain or large bumps in the road. They are industrial strength and work great on the right type of vehicle. They are also used on street cars when people want to improve their cars handling when going around sharp corners or curves. These type of shock absorbers are great for vehicles used in competitive sports and off- roading vehicles as well.

Since the shock absorbers are extremely important in keeping your car from bottoming out it is very important to replace them as soon as you notice they are becoming worn. You will be able to tell a remarkable difference in the overall handling of your car once the old shocks have been replaced. Make sure you have your adjustable shock absorbed installed by a professional in order to ensure they are working properly. If you shock absorber is not placed on the vehicle properly driving will be dangerous. Also an absorber that is not installed properly could cause further damage to other parts of the car, especially in the wheel and tire area. Non working shock absorbers could also cause a low riding vehicle to scrape the under carriage on the ground when going over a bump. This can cause serious and expensive damage to the car.

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