Air Check Valve

An air check valve is a part for your secondary exhaust system that prevents your car from experiencing damaging by reducing harmful emissions in your car. A car's air check valve feeds exhaust gases into exhaust popes to keep the engine clean and the car clear of damage. Unburned fuel in the form of hydrocarbons and partially burned fuel in the form of carbon monoxide leave the combustion chamber and enter the exhaust system. The air pump feeds oxygen into the exhaust system, where it mixes with thehydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, and as the fuel burning continues, emissions are reduced.

When air check valves fail, you can tell by the leaking and noise of the undercarriage. Exhaust that doesn't make the valve is one cause of air check pump failure. For proper maintenance of your air check valve, be sure to regularly inspect it for damage or rust. If you do spot damage, be sure to replace immediatelyso as not to cause serious damage to your vehicle. While you can pay a mechanic to install the part for you, after locating the part you may be comfortable installing it yourself.

There air air check valves for each and every make and model of car, and what you purchase depends on your vehicle. The Hydraulic Supple Company offers a few airpump check valves in its Deltrol series. The Deltrol CMMQ features a soft seat, a tight seal, compact length, and a low pressure differential. Free flow and positive check flow in opposite directions and brass check valves are used in low-pressure hydraulic systems and pneumatic systems. Steel check valves are used for hydraulic systems. The body is available in brass or carbon or stainless steel. The ball and retainer are made of stainless steel. The operating temperature range is -30 degrees Fahrenheit to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The Detrol C Series also includes a low presser differential, free flow and positive check in opposite directions, and brass check valves for pneumatic systems. For hydraulic systems, lower pressure is used. Steel check valves are used in hydraulic systems. The body is available in brass or carbon or stainless steel. The Detrol EC Series has a high flow rating in addition to the features common in the previously mentioned Detrol parts. In addition, there is a 1" size available in ductile iron or naval bronze. This device operates as a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another good place to find an air check valve is at, which promises a full stock of parts that they are ready to shop immediately and at the best prices. They ship out the part the same day you order it, and ensure that it gets to your home as soon as possible, and the shipping is free. They also offer a one-year low price guarantee so that you know you're getting th ebest deal on your air check valve out there. The offer OEM-certified parts that are up to 70 percents cheaper than if you bought them directly from the manufacturer.

If you're comfortable with installing the part yourself, you can save hundreds of dollars from going to the mechanic. Installation commonly involves removing the air hose from the check valve, removing the pipe-to-exhaust manifold (if driving a V6), and removing the nuts, bolts, check valve and pipe. The, you commonly would remove the check valve form the pipe, clean out the piping, and install the check valve onto the pipe. Then, you put the piping assembly back together with a new gasket, and remount to your car. This relatively easy maneuver can be carried out by somebody comfortable with cars in as little as a half an hour.

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