Air Freshener

You can mask a bad odor in your car by using an air freshener. Air fresheners can be used to help freshen up the air in your car or in your home. People always enjoy smelling a pleasant fragrance rather than a bad odor. You can find an air freshener in various fragrances. In fact there are so many different fragrances on the market that it is hard to choose which one you want to put in your car. There are new scents and fragrances introduced in the market all of the time. You can also purchase an air freshener that has no fragrance to it at all. This type of air freshener is meant to neutralize odors rather than add a fragrance to the air.

The purpose of an air freshener is to eliminate bad odors and neutralize smells that you find offensive. In the place of a bad odor, an air freshener will leave a fresh odor or scent made to resemble a natural substance, such as a flower or a lemon. Car air fresheners are available in several different kinds of scents and can either come in the form of a gel air freshener, a spray tube or scented cardboard.

People like to hang a car air freshener from their rearview mirror or place one under their car seat or in the back of their car rear window. A car air freshener can clean out the bad odor from cigarette smoke and other offensive smells that are often found in the interior of your car. If you are going on a road trip it is particularly nice to have a car air freshener in your car during your trip. People who like to travel a lot usually take some sort air freshener with them. People who travel a lot can also take the car air freshener out of their car when they stay in a hotel or motel room. They can then take the air freshener back out to the car or when they leave. This way they are always ensured of having a fresh scent around them. An air freshener is an effective way to freshen up the air in a hotel room.

Car dealerships and detailers use air fresheners to give their cars that new car smell. They reason that keeping a car smelling fresh on the inside will help sell the car easier because it will appeal to a person’s sense of smell as well as looks. There are several types of fragrances that are available so you can pick out your personal favorite air freshener scent.

One type of air freshener that people particularly like to have in their car is that of the smell of leather. Lemon is another fragrance that people really like in their cars. You can even find air freshener car kits. An air freshener car kit can come with several different fragrances of air fresheners. Many of these kits have several 4 ounce sized containers of fragrances that you can carry in your car. If you are a car detailer you can offer your customer their choice of air freshener fragrance if you have these kits available for them. For example, you can always have on hand an air freshener kit that has baby powder scent, fresh cinnamon, new car leather or tropical breeze. Other selections you might want to have on hand are lemon, orange, strawberry, vanilla, piña colada, honeysuckle, and cherry. Some companies will even let you customize your own air freshener kit.

You can even make your own car air freshener. All you have to do this buy and scented die cut shapes and sent them with the fragrance of your choice. You can buy these unscented die cut shapes in bulks of about 100. Look for car air fresheners in your local automotive store or at various websites online.

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