Air Lift Kits

Having durable suspension on your car is the key to improving your car’s ride. If you have ever been in a car that has bad suspension then you know how uncomfortable the car ride can be. Not only does it ensure a smooth ride over bumps and hills but it also helps your car carry heavy loads when needed. There are several different ways to improve your vehicle’s suspension. There are new coil springs, new shocks and also new air lift kits that are available to help your car ride more comfortably and more smoothly on a daily basis.

One of the newest ways that people are improving their car’s suspension is with an air lift kit. These kits use air to help lighten your car’s load and provide better support for absorbing all the pressure from the bumps on the road. This is also very beneficial for trucks or vans that are used for hauling heavy equipment or multiple passengers.

The air lift kits work buy allowing you to add air to the suspension when needed. The best part is that when you do not need the air you can release it and bring your car back down and lessen the amount of suspension the car has. There are different kits that can be purchased. Depending on the type of vehicle you drive will determine which type of air lift kit will be best suited for you. Larger vehicles may be able to increase their carrying load up to 5,000 pounds by adding an air lift kit. Smaller vehicles may be able to increase their carrying load between 1,000- 2,000 pounds depending on the car. Air lift kits are not only good for cars and trucks but they are extremely beneficial for any towing vehicle or RV since these vehicles are responsible for hauling so much weight. By using the air lift kit these vehicles can drive better and there will be less damage done to the axles on the vehicle.

When a vehicle is carrying more weight than it should and the suspension is suffering under all the weight, this causes the safety of vehicle to become a hazard. Vehicles with poor suspension become harder to steer and also harder to stop when braking. Not only is this dangerous for you as the driver but also for others on the road around you. A car that has poor suspension can also bottom out on a bumpy road causing serious damage to the vehicles under carriage.

There are several different companies that offer air lift kits so finding an air lift kit for your vehicle should be easy. Make sure the manufacturer has a good reputation and the car parts are made from high quality materials. Also make sure the air lift kit comes with a guarantee in order to prevent you from being stuck with faulty parts. Once you have your air lift kit you need to find a qualified and experienced person to install the new air lift suspension. Installing the air lift kit is not extremely difficult but you want to make sure there the car parts are installed perfectly to lessen the risk of an accident or damaging any other car parts.

The price of the air lift kits vary depending on the type that is required for your vehicle. Obviously if you choose a kit that gives you a 5,000 pound weight load it will cost more than those that give a 1,000 pound weight load. The most expensive part of having an air lift kit installed is the labor costs by the mechanic, however having the air kit installed properly on your vehicle will prove to be very beneficial for future driving.

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