Air Shocks

Each air shock absorber on vehicles that are equipped with them plays an important role in the smooth operation of the suspension of your vehicle. Air shock absorbers are found on cars, trucks, motorcycles and even on the suspension of commercial and private aircraft. Each air shocks absorber essentially absorbs the shock of the suspension of the vehicle when it is driven over bumps and dips in the road. Without the use of some sort of shock absorption device on your suspension like that of an air shock absorber, you would be painfully jarred as you drive over potholes, railroad tracks and other rough places on the road. If you have a pickup carry heavy loads, the air shock absorbers help you maintain the quality of your ride also.

An air shock absorber is sometimes referred to as pneumatic shock absorber. Air shock absorbers are an integral working part of your vehicles suspension. They are cylinder shaped and are filled with air and have a sliding piston inside that moves up and down. The air inside the air shock absorber is compressed by the piston when it is pushed up into the air shock absorber. It absorbs the energy created by the shock to your vehicle's suspension when it is being driving over rough areas on the road. As the piston is pushed up it compresses the air inside the air shock absorber cylinder, heat is created and then quickly dissipates.

There are different types of air shock absorbers. Some simply have a fixed air chamber to absorb the shock. . Others can have air manually added by using an air compressor to stiffen the ride. It can also be released to soften the ride. Some custom cars have a mini compressor attached to the air shock absorber so air can be added. This little compressor is electrically operated from within the vehicle by the driver. You will find that cars used to display in car shows make use of this kind of air shock absorbers.

Each air shock absorber protects the vehicle from being bounced and jarred when it drives over ruts and potholes. They save the suspension from exceeding its range of movement. An air shock absorber set up on your vehicle suspension helps you maintain better control over your vehicle when it is being driven. Like all other mechanical parts, an air shock absorber will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

If you have noticed that your vehicle has gotten bouncy or it sways as you turn corners or comes to a stop, your air shock absorbers are more than likely worn out. Especially if your car now feels like it is a boat on water going down the street, you seriously need to repair or replace the shocks on your vehicle. When your air shock absorbers are worn out, you car can be a lot more dangerous to drive because you will not have as much control over it as you normally would. One way to test the shock absorbers is to push down hard on a fender and let go. If the car bounces back up but keeps gently bouncing for awhile, it should have the suspension checked out by a qualified mechanic. You could also replace each air shock absorber yourself too if you are mechanically inclined.

The best place to find out more about air shock absorbers is the internet. There are several brand name shocks, springs, shock lift kits and air shock absorbers being sold online. You can also go into your local parts store to purchase them or to get more information about how to replace or repair your suspension.

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