Alcoa Wheels

Alcoa is a company that has been revolutionizing the aluminum industry and aluminum wheels for decades. Alcoa has also revolutionized other industries with their pioneering and unique innovations, accumulatively releasing more than 8000 patents since 1888, which range in fields from consumer packaging to automotive parts and aerospace engineering components. Alcoa wheels are some of the most lightweight, yet durable wheels in the world and can be found on nearly every type of vehicle from standard sedans and coupes to recreational vehicles, heavy trucks, buses, and even trailers. Alcoa is known for inventing the forged aluminum wheel in 1948. In 1956, Alcoa produced the first forged tubeless aluminum wheel, which was introduced into the automotive industry especially for the Cadillac El Dorado. Alcoa is committed to designing products that enhance productivity, improve aesthetic appeal, and maintain the highest level of quality. The following paragraphs discuss the unique attributes of Alcoa wheels, as well as their costs and where to buy them.

What Is Special about Alcoa Wheels?
Alcoa wheels are some of the only aluminum wheels that are made from a single solid piece of aluminum, and are therefore capable of withstanding some of the most intense durability tests. Thus, Alcoa offers a five-year warranty that covers unlimited mileage for all of their wheels. In comparison to stainless steel wheels, Alcoa aluminum wheels are lighter, stronger, more affordable, more environmentally friendly, and according to general perception, more aesthetically pleasing. In fact, Alcoa wheels are about 50% lighter than the lightest steel counterparts, yet also allow you to increase the vehicle payload. In fact, Alcoa wheels have been shown to be four times stronger than steel wheels, and are extremely resistant to corrosion. By using Alcoa wheels you can reduce fuel consumption, improve heat dissipation, decrease tire wear and tear, and extend the efficacy and lifetime of your suspension and brakes system. Since aluminum is 100% recyclable, and weighs less than other types of tires, it costs less to transport and is therefore safer for the environment.

How Much Do Alcoa Wheels Cost?
Alcoa wheels usually cost about $300-$1000 per wheel, depending on the size, supplier, and vehicle compatibility. It is possible to save money on the cost per wheel by purchasing a set of four, which usually costs anywhere from $1500-$3000. When determining the overall cost of the project it is important to consider installation expenses. Fortunately, it should not cost more than $50-$100 per wheel for the installation. Although Alcoa wheels are sold by a variety of distributors, and purchasing wheels directly from Alcoa will usually be slightly more expensive, dealing with the company directly can eliminate the possibility of receiving a low quality product. Purchasing Alcoa wheels online can significantly add to the overall cost by adding anywhere from $50-$250 in shipping costs. Ultimately, if you are planning on replacing your vehicle's wheels with Alcoa wheels, you should expect to spend anywhere from $1200-$5000, depending on the wheels purchased and whether or not you need help with the installation.

Where to Buy Alcoa Wheels
Alcoa wheels can be purchased from a list of suppliers that can be found on the official website. These suppliers include but are not limited to Volvo, Utility, Freightliner, New Flyer Parts, Mack, and KW. Alternatively, you can also purchase Alcoa wheels on third-party automotive auction sites like eBay motors. However, when using the Internet to purchase wheels you'll want to deal with only the most reputable dealers, as there are many counterfeits and unscrupulous sellers in the online industry. Preferably, if you're unable to obtain a quality set of wheels online, then you'll want to find a local supplier that can assist you in choosing the most suitable set of wheels for your vehicle.

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