Aluminum Differential Cover

When it comes to our cars we need to protect all the important parts to avoid them from being damaged from everyday road hazards and general wear and tear. By providing the appropriate protection we can rest assure we are doing everything we can to keep our cars in good working order. This applies to all parts of the car and is especially important when it comes to the car parts located under the car. Since these car parts can become damaged easily when the vehicle goes over an unexpected bump or over rough terrain it is necessary to protect the under carriage the best we can.

This becomes extremely important for trucks and RV's that are responsible for carrying heavy loads or towing. Whenever we put a lot of weight in the back of our truck or hook a trailer to the back in of our vehicle in order to tow it we run the risk of dragging the rear end of our vehicle. Under our trucks and RVs we have what we call differentials. The differentials are responsible for directing the torque of the engine which spins the wheels. The differentials are necessary in giving our larger vehicles the ability to drive under many conditions. Whether off road, up hills or over large bumps the differentials are important. They help keep the vehicle under control. The differentials are positioned to where they sit low under the vehicle and because of this there is the possibility of them being damaged easily.

Luckily there are ways for you to protect your vehicle's differentials. By shielding your vehicles differentials you can prevent gravel, rocks, mud and other debris from hitting your differentials or causing sludge to build up around the car parts. You can also protect the differentials from scraping the ground when hauling or towing. By purchasing an Aluminum differential cover you can cover your differentials and keep them safe.

Aluminum differential covers are very effective in protecting the differentials under vehicles. The covers are attached to the differentials so they are not exposed to the weather conditions or debris on the road. They come in different sizes in order to fit your vehicle so finding the perfect fit should not be a problem. A lot of people may not think about how the under side of their vehicle looks but by adding an aluminum differential cover you will notice that it gives your car a cleaner and neater appearance.

The best part about using the aluminum differential cover is that the aluminum allows your differentials to stay cool. The rear end gear oil has a tendency to get really hot especially when carrying a very heavy load. When this happens the heat can cause serious damage to your gears. Aluminum is a fantastic metal that is a very efficient thermal conductor and is one of the best in keeping the heat away from the gear oils. This will ensure your gears, seals, and bearings get a much longer life out of them then they would otherwise without a differential cover or with a cover made from sheet metal.

Installing a new differential cover is easy as long as you have a few necessary tools. Make sure you have all the tools required before you begin removing the old cover or installing the new one. It only takes an hour or so to finish the job as long as you are prepared. Make sure that you do not try to install the differential cover until the vehicle has had plenty of time to cool. Allow the vehicle to sit for a couple hours after driving to prevent from getting severe burns. The differentials become so hot that it may take quite some time before they are cool enough to touch after driving. Once you have installed the new aluminum differential cover you will be very happy with the results. Not only will it look nice but it will serve a very important purpose protecting your vehicle's differentials.

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