Aluminum Racing Jack

Everyone loves to watch a good NASCAR race or any other kind of car race for that matter. If you have ever watched one you may have been amazed when you saw the pit crew scurrying out around the race car to quickly change the tires as the driver waits in the car. The speed and efficiency of the tire change can depend on the pit crew and the tools they have at their disposal. The aluminum racing jack is one of their much used tools that they depend on to get the job done fast. With any other kind of jack, the whole process of lifting the car and changing the tires could take them extra time and cause the driver to loose the race.

The aluminum racking jack is favored over a heavy steel jack. A jack is used for lifting heavy objects such as your car or truck when you need to change the tire. In the racing world, the pit crew uses aluminum racing jacks to quickly change the tires on race cars during a race. This is because the aluminum racking rack is lightweight and easy to carry. Other kinds of jacks that are made from steel can weigh as much as a hundred pounds. The aluminum racing jack only weighs about 26 pounds. So you can see that it is much easier for the pit crew to carry, especially when changing tires often throughout the race.

The aluminum racing jack is not just for the pit crews to use though. Anyone can buy one of these jacks for home use. Jacks are used for shop work, tire changes for passenger cars and trucks and for lifting these vehicles up in the air by mechanics or do-it-yourselfers when underneath repairs are needed. The aluminum racing jacks that are on the market today can lift up to 3,000 pounds with no effort.

The average aluminum racing jack is a hydraulic floor jack. These kinds of jacks use high pressure fluid displacement to lift the vehicle or heavy object. They are more efficient to use than the screw type jacks. Most mechanics use this kind of a jack. The average person can buy them and use them at home too. They are very easy to use and almost any one can use an aluminum racing jack for their car care needs. Car jacks are and essential tool to have in your garage or in the trunk of your car for an emergency road side tire change. The aluminum racing jack makes the job much easier.

The are numerous kinds of car jacks available on the market. The aluminum racing car jack is just one kind. However, it can be used for a number of lifting jobs and is preferable because they weigh very little. Their lightweight makes them easy to manage and handle, unlike the heavy steel hydraulic jacks on the market. The aluminum racing car jack, like other jacks, should be used with caution though. Care must be taken with the proper placement of the jack when lifting a heavy car or truck. The owner should know and understand how the jack functions before using it. The user should also know the lifting capacity of the jack and the weight of the vehicle before using it to ensure safe operation.

When you purchase an aluminum racing jack it should come with an operating manual. You should read the manual thoroughly before using the jack for the first time. The manual will explain exactly how the jack works so you can avoid dangerous problems if not used correctly. You should never try to attempt using a aluminum jack to lift objects that are heavier than its capacity.

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