Auto Compass

Being lost on the road is perhaps one of the most dreaded events of any road trip, which is why it is important to have adequate navigation utilities in order to prevent being lost. Some people choose to use GPS systems to help them find their place of destination with detailed driving directions. However, a simple device such as an auto compass can help you figure out which direction you're heading while you're on a long road trip, during which it is easy to become disoriented and lose your sense of direction. An auto compass is a cheap alternative to a GPS navigation system, and with the right maps and navigational skills, it can be just as useful. If you're trying to save money on your trip cost and you don't have the funds to purchase a GPS navigation system then you may want to consider the following benefits, types, and cost of purchasing an auto compass.

Benefits of Owning an Auto Compass
Auto compasses are mounted on the dash of your vehicle, and are therefore easy to see, and do not require any type of complex input as do GPS navigational systems. By having a convenient directional compass on your dash, mirror, or middle console, you can be confident that you're headed in the right direction at all times. If you already own a GPS system, purchasing an auto compass can provide redundancy in the event of your GPS system breaking or malfunctioning. This is especially important if you're going to be going on long trips through uncivilized areas that do not have gas stations, hotels, and other establishments at which you can stop to ask for directions. An auto compass can also be used to complement the functionality of a GPS navigational system by aiding the driver in choosing the best path on their GPS based on the input of the auto compass.

Types Of Auto Compasses
Most auto compasses are attached to a fixture that can be mounted on various areas of the vehicle. Others are small compasses that can be attached to the rear view mirror or even the steering wheel. The most popular type of auto compass are analog compasses that attach to the dashboard and consists of a small spherical compass that automatically rotates in the direction that you are heading as your vehicle changes directions. There are also digital auto compasses that use internal algorithms to determine the direction you're heading based on preprogrammed conditions. Digital auto compasses tend to be more accurate than analog compasses if they are calibrated correctly. In general, your auto compass should include instructions that will teach you how to make the compass as accurate as possible before Installing it in your vehicle.

Costs of Auto Compasses
As mentioned, auto compasses are cheap alternatives to other navigational systems such as GPS navigators, which can cost in excess of $500, and typically range from $50-$1000, depending on the model and manufacturer. Fortunately an auto compass is much cheaper, with the average price being anywhere from $5-$30, depending on the model, size, capabilities, feature set, and other attributes of the auto compass. An analog auto compass will typically be cheaper than a digital auto compass, as the materials used to make them are less expensive, and the process of calibrating an analog compass is much easier than the process of calibrating a digital auto compass, which requires more factory resources to be completed. The amount of money that an auto compass can save you on a road trip by keeping you from being lost, will ultimately make the cost of an auto compass insignificant.

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