Automatic Transmission Clutch

Many people choose a vehicle with an automatic transmission because they are much simpler to drive. The automatic transmission is one of the most complicated pieces of engineering in your vehicle and it essentially performs all of the work that you would have to do on your own with a manual transmission. This highly technical piece of machinery has an automatic transmission clutch pack that does the work of the traditional clutch pedal and gear shift in a manual transmission vehicle all without any help from you.

If you have ever driven a manual transmission vehicle, you know the extra amount of work that is involved with moving your car forward. You are more in tune with the progression of the car through the gears because you are directly responsible for shifting the car into the correct gear while you are driving. This involves using the clutch pedal in your vehicle and the gear shift knob inside the car. An automatic transmission clutch pack inside your car is a genius piece of equipment that moves your car through those gears without any work needed from the driver.

Many people today prefer the automatic transmission vehicle because of how simple they are to drive. You simply put the car in gear and go without ever worrying about it again until it is time to put the car in park or when you have to back up the vehicle. For others, though, manual transmissions give them more control over their vehicle and some sports car enthusiasts enjoy the process of taking their car through the gears manually.

There are multiple automatic transmission clutch packs in your car. There is usually one clutch pack for each shift of the vehicle or speed of the vehicle. The automatic transmission clutch plates are soaked in automatic transmission fluid at all times. The fluid is an important component of the transmission function and you should make sure that your fluid is checked regularly to ensure the smooth functioning of your vehicle. It's a great deal less expensive to maintain an automatic transmission than it is to replace one.

People choose the vehicles with automatic transmission clutch plates because they are much simpler to drive and this makes them a perfect choice for beginner drivers or people who are elderly and do not want to work the gears while they are driving. They have become increasingly popular over time and many people find that the gas mileage difference between the two types of transmissions is not great enough to give up the ease of an automatic transmission.

Today, the automatic transmission is getting much better gas mileage than the earlier models. There is almost no difference between the two and you can find an automatic transmission vehicle that is just as efficient as a manual.

Manual transmission vehicles are usually less expensive to buy over their automatic transmission counterparts. The manual transmission is also much less costly to repair than a vehicle that has automatic transmission clutch plates. The complexity of the automatic transmission has made it a bit difficult to repair and mechanics are usually needed to do the work.

However, even if you are driving a vehicle with automatic transmission clutch plates, you can learn how to maintain your vehicle to ensure that you don’t have to make costly repairs to your car. Look for the automatic transmission fluid to be kept at the proper levels. You should also develop a scheduled maintenance plan that will change the fluid from time to time so that you can avoid the damage that will come with a break down in the fluid.

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