Automotive Vacuum Pump

Any structure or machine that uses a compressor or high pressure hydraulics in order to fulfill its purpose requires a very important component – the vacuum pump. An automotive vacuum pump is such an indispensable component of an automobile.

Any device that gets rid of gas or liquid molecules from inside an airtight container in order to create a partial or full vacuum is referred to as a vacuum pump. The vacuum created can be used in order to power mechanical devices such as cars. In motor vehicles that are diesel engine the pump is fit onto the engine, generally on the camshaft, and then used to create a vacuum. In automobiles with petrol powered engines, the work from the engine and also the restriction flow created due to the throttle plate creates a vacuum as a side effect. The vacuum created in the system is later used to generate enough power so the hydraulic brakes, throttle driver and various ventilation system motors work seamlessly.

Automotive vacuum pumps have a variety of uses when it comes to cars. They can be used in air conditioning, hydraulic brakes, power steering, windshield wipers, superchargers etc.

In modern cars and other automobiles, air conditioning is a built in accessory. However, this air conditioning system can produce moisture that can resultantly be harmful for the air conditioning system itself, not to mention the car or automobile. The moisture from the air conditioning system spreads through the refrigerant line in a fine mist and ultimately crystallizes. After that, when the moisture mixes with the refrigerants in the line - it becomes very corrosive. This can severely damage the system, though the damage can only be belatedly detected. The function of the automotive vacuum pump is to eradicate any air and also any moisture from the air conditioning system. It removes the moisture by producing a vacuum inside the air-conditioning system. Low pressure caused by the presence of the vacuum, boils the moisture off at a relatively low temperature. The moisture thus vaporized can then be vented out by the system.

In a car where a high performance motor and disc brakes have been added as an upgrade, it is often seen that the brake booster doesn’t have enough vacuum to operate properly. When such a situation occurs where enough vacuum cannot be produced, it can end with deficient braking. Circumstances like this can end with an uncontrollable ride and a hazardous situation. In order to work properly, a brake booster requires a minimum of a 16 inch vacuum when the engine is idle. In case the vacuum drops below this level, the booster will lose power and this ultimately disrupt the performance of the brake. An automotive vacuum pump is required to make sure the vacuum level is maintained in the brake booster.

The vacuum pump used in wind-shield wipers are light-weight and easy to handle. The wipers are able to move due to the electronic mechanism. As the wiper, moves the cylindrical pump container of the forces a vacuum to ensure proper movement to and from the original position.

Automotive vacuum pumps are an important and necessary part of an automobile. It is necessary that the proper pumps are selected for the purpose of use. Also they should be upgraded from time to time in order to ensure the best performance. Like with all automobile parts, the vacuum pump should be regularly and appropriately maintained in order to ensure the proper functioning of the car and all the many function vacuum pumps aid. In circumstances where the owner does not have enough knowledge to fix any problems occurring, the car should be taken to a mechanic.

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