Axle Seals

A worn out or broken axle seal will need to be replaced immediately. To identify damage to the axle seal you will just have to look at where your vehicle was parked each day. A damaged axle seal will cause a minor oil leak which will accumulate more and more every single day. The oil that is leaking out can lead to complications with your vehicle's transmission so you will want to repair the problem immediately. Thankfully, replacing an axle seal is not too difficult if you know exactly what you are doing and how the affected parts function.

How the Differentials Work

To get a greater understanding on the importance of the axle seal and why it should be replaced you should know a bit about the differentials. The differentials are what are used to absorb any transmitted power which is provided by your vehicle's drive shaft and transmission. The differential will then take this power and dispel it evenly between your vehicle's two wheels. The result of this is more freedom for your wheels as they can now turn while traveling at separate speeds and they will also utilize the same amount of torque.

For the differentials to keep working properly it would be necessary that the gears of the vehicle are operating properly at high speeds. The design of the differentials is tailored accordingly and they will be able to withstand environments with high amounts of shocking. The differential connect to the vehicle's transmission and the axle seal is required to prevent debris from getting in the differentials and causing damage.

How to Identify a Damaged Axle Seal

If the axle seal experiences any amount of damage it can cause it to function poorly. The axle seal should be replaced as soon as any problems with it are noticed. The easiest way to identify a damaged axle seal is to look at your parking space after your vehicle has been left over night. If there is an oil leak which continues to become bigger each day then this may be a sign of a damaged axle seal. The type of oil that will spill out is gear oil. The odor of this type of oil is often compared to bad eggs so this may be another way to identify a problem with the axle seal.

There are many ways that the axle seal could become damaged. It is not always at the fault of the driver as it can also be caused by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Additionally, if a mechanic removes the axle of the vehicle in the wrong manner then it could easily lead to the axle seal becoming ripped unexpectedly.

How to Replace the Axle Seal

The very first thing that you will have to do is remove the damaged axle seal from the differential. You may want to take advantage of a utensil that is designed for seal removal to make this an easy task. After the seal is removed you will be able to install the replacement axle seal. The parts for installation include various rings. You will want to choosing the ring that fits best in the mounting point for the axle seal. The ring that you choose will be just a bit tinier than the axle seal.

When installing the new axle seal you may want to repair any damage to the area of the axle seal that may have occurred. This could be a matter of reshaping the area where the mounting point is located by tapping it with a hammer. There may also be no need for any repairing and you may just be required to replace the axle seal.

After you install the new axle seal you will want to make sure that everything is working correctly. To determine this you will want to watch the movement of the differential. After you do this you can place the cover back on the differential and install the axle once again. Once all this is done you should drive your vehicle for a few minutes to make sure that no mistakes were made when swapping the parts.

Final Thoughts
The axle seal is a very important part of the vehicle as it is allows the differentials to work properly. If the axle seal becomes damaged then it could lead to some serious problems if not treated right away. If an oil leak is ever noticed in your driveway then you will want to diagnose the problem. If it turns out to be a damaged axle seal then it should be replaced immediately.

Replacing the axle seal is an easy task for anyone that is experienced with automotive work. If you have no experience around cars at all then it may be unfamiliar territory but it is not an extremely difficult job. If you do not feel comfortable with doing the work then you may know someone that can do it for you. If not, visit a licensed mechanic to get the job done even though it can be costly as it is absolutely necessary to prevent even more expensive damage from occurring.

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