Backup Camera System

Backup camera systems were first developed to solve the problem that large tucks and passenger busses had when they had to back up on public streets. The drivers of these types of vehicles that had backup camera systems installed are now able to back up a lot easier because they can see behind them.

Because of the success of the backup camera systems in the larger vehicles, car manufacturers now offer them in passenger vehicles as well. Not only will these camera systems help you back up and park a lot easier, they can give an added safety value as well when children are playing outside. They can also protect pets and pedestrians as well. Statistics prove that there are more than 2400 children hurt in backup accidents each year and about 100 of those children will die as the result of being backed over. A lot of these accidents involve SUVs and minivans because of the inherent blind spots in the rearview design of these vehicles.

You can now find many different new SUVs, minivans and cars on the market that come equipped from the factory with backup camera systems. These camera systems can be an add-on feature aftermarket as well. Backup camera systems are available to purchase and install in cars no matter how old they are.

Backup camera systems typically have one or more cameras. They are mounted on the rear bumper and have a miniature LCD display monitor and recording device. The Ford Motor Company makes a backup camera system that has the display monitor mounted on the rearview mirror. This display monitor location has been found to be the best place for the driver to view the images being captured by the cameras because the driver will not have to take his or her eyes off of the road while viewing the monitor.

The quality of the display footage will depend on which brand of backup camera system that you buy. There are several brands on the market to choose from. Some will have cameras that use CCD sensor and processors. This type produces the clearest images on the display screen. Different backup camera systems will also give you a clear picture of what is behind you in the dark, while others are not so clear. Infrared technology is used in backup camera systems. This technology enables the camera to pick up images even in the dark. If you do a lot of night driving make sure the backup camera system purchase has infrared capabilities.

The display monitor size for most backup camera systems can range from 2.5 inches to a 7 inch wide screen. If there is more than one camera in the system the monitor will have a split screen view so that you can see all the images being captured on each camera. Some backup camera systems can have up to four views from four different cameras on the display screen. This type will use split screen technology to enable the driver to see all of the views at once. The display monitors can be purchased in full color or just black and white. Several of these systems come with built in microphones as well as a distance gauge that can help you park in tough spots and prevent backing up accidents. Parking in tight spots is a lot easier if you use a backup camera.

Installing a backup camera system on your vehicle is very easy and almost anyone can do it without the need to hire a professional. You can purchase them from various internet websites, local auto parts store or from auto dealerships.

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