Billet Window Crank

A crank is a relatively simple mechanical device that allows you to lift, drop, open, or close an object, such as a window. Window cranks are most commonly seen in older vehicles, as cars with power windows and automatic features have become the industry-standard during the last two decades. However, some vehicle owners choose to install window cranks to add a visual flair and classic appeal to their automobile. Whether you have a classic or just would like to add simplified functionality and old-fashioned charm to a newer vehicle, a billet window crank is the most durable, affordable, and sensible solution. The term "billet" refers to a specific type of durable lightweight aluminum. Most high-quality window cranks are made from billet aluminum and are plated with chrome for a superb finish.

Advantages of a Billet Window Crank
Although power windows make it easier and more convenient to open and close your windows with less effort, billet window cranks are more sturdy and may be easier to fix if problems arise. In addition, since power is not needed to operate manual windows you'll be able to open and close your vehicle's windows even when the battery is dead. Due to their sturdiness and durability, billet window cranks can last as long as every other part on your vehicle. In fact, it is highly unlikely that you will ever need to replace the crank itself, although it may be necessary to replace pieces that attach the crank to the door and window. Billet window cranks are relatively easy to install, operate in a self-explanatory way, and are a perfect modification for individuals that would like to add some manual functionality to their automobile. Aside from simplified usage, billet window cranks also give you more control over the speed at which the windows are rolled up and down, allowing you to adjust the positioning of your windows in small increments. This greater control makes a billet window crank a safe alternative to power windows, which cause a large number of injuries each year.

Replacing a Billet Window Crank
The first step in replacing a billet window crank is to remove the old crank by removing the mounting screws. In some cases the crank will be secured to the shaft by a setscrew, which covers a series of screws. After removing the screws and loosening the window crank you should ensure that the gearbox is clean and test the mechanism to see if all of the gears are working properly. Ideally, you'll want to clean the sash and gearbox with a brush and industry grade solvent to remove caked on grease. Before installing a new billet window crank you'll need to lubricate the gears and any parts of the crank that will be experiencing friction. It is important to exercise caution at all times when performing any vehicle modifications, especially those that require you to work outside or under the automobile.

How Much Does a Billet Window Crank Cost?
A billet window crank typically costs anywhere from $29.99 to $39.99, depending on the model, manufacturer, and specifications. Although this cost is nominal, it should be noted that the actual cost of having one installed could range anywhere from $50-$150, depending on the rate of the mechanic or vehicle modification specialist that performs the job. Of course, you could opt to install the billet window crank yourself, however this should not be attempted by individuals with inadequate expertise and experience. If you attempt to perform an installation or replacement on your own, keep in mind that there is a possibility that damage could be done to your vehicle that will completely negate the cost-saving benefits of doing it yourself.

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