Black Racing Rims

In recent years, many people have taken to customizing and upgrading their automobiles. Many people say that they participate in this trend as a way to make their car more like an extension of themselves. This goes along with the old American saying that “the car makes the man,” which itself stemmed from an even older saying, "the clothes make the man." This line of thinking supposes that someone can tell something about a person by the car they drive. In some cases this is true, in some it is false. But no matter what philosophical or anthropological conclusion you may draw from such a study in car customization, the fact remains that many people enjoy customizing their cars. Is this because they feel that their cars are extensions of themselves? Is it merely to increase the resale value of the car by adding after market features? For some people, it may be one or the other. For some people it may be both. And for others, perhaps they upgrade their car with parts such as black racing rims simply because they want to gaze on the natural beauty of a well made, finely honed machine. I don't think anybody could blame them for that.

One way that many people choose to upgrade their cars – whether as extensions of their personalities or social grouping or for another reason – is to add customized designer rims, such as black racing rims. There is a lot of talk about rims in popular culture. Rap music, for example, often mentions customized rims as an essential part of a certain kind of "street" lifestyle. But what are rims exactly? The rims of a wheel are defined as the "outer circular design of the metal on which the inside edge of the tire is mounted." So, for example, the rim on an automobile is the side of the wheel, the part that shows when you are standing, facing the doors of a car and looking at the wheel. In that same vein, the rim on a bicycle wheel would be the metal hoop that contains the bicycle's spokes. And while rims, such as black racing rims, are often associated with a certain type of rough and tough culture today, it may surprise you to learn that they came by that association in the past. In fact, wheel rims were first introduced by the ancient Romans, who used an iron rim around a wood wheel on their 1st millennium BC chariots.

Rims, such as black racing rims, are therefore, essential auto parts. Leave it to man, for purposes of warfare (as in the past) or for purposes of vanity or sport (in the present), to customize rims in a way that is both utilitarian and showy.

People in the racing industry know that good rims are essential to fielding a good race car. Not only are rims, such as black racing rims, fancy, exotic and exceptionally good looking, they are also often made of materials than can increase the cars stability and handling. Many black racing rims are made of superior materials, meaning that they are exceptionally strong and less prone to the extreme amounts of wear and tear that race cars – from Formula 1 cars to the cars used in stock car racing – have to endure as their lot.

Black racing rims can be purchased from specialty manufacturers and retail locations that sell specialty auto parts. Most serious racing teams, of course, have agreements with specialty manufactures, and often have black racing rims build to their exact specifications. No matter where the rims are purchased, it can be argued that they make the car, and the car, in its way, makes the driver.

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