Blower Motor

Your car needs a blower motor in order to keep the luxury of air conditioning available. Without a blower motor, or a working one, the air conditioner will not work properly. This does not just mean that you won’t get some cold air during the hot summer months, but it also puts your car’s engine at risk of overheating. As the blower motor is a valuable part of your car’s cooling system, it would be helpful if you made sure it’s always working properly.

In order to test the blower motor you will have to detach the blower motor from the blower motor connector and unscrew all the screws with a standard screwdriver. Make sure you don’t misplace the screws as you’ll need them when reconnecting the blower motor or installing a new one.

Now you have access to the fan retainer clip which is connected to the motor shaft. You can find it in the middle of the blower wheel. Once located, remove it and don’t misplace it. You will need this piece if you intend to replace the blower wheel. If you intend to replace the blower motor itself, you will receive a new retainer clip and blower wheel when you purchase the part.

Now you can easily look at the blower motor. You will be looking for any signs of damage, and to see if it has eroded at all. Common signs of a worn out blower motor include corrosion and rust. Use an air compressor to take out any debris in the blower motor and use engine cleaner on any solid parts so the blower motor is clean.

Make sure you review all the parts which play a role in the blower motor operating properly. This includes the blower wheel, which has to spin freely in order for the blower motor to function as it should. If you spot any parts in the blower motor that aren’t working properly, clean them as mentioned previously and test the part again. Sometimes just cleaning the blower motor parts can make it perform better, but that’s not always the case.

If you want to replace the blower motor by yourself, you just have to use the steps provided for inspecting the blower motor. You will have to tailor specific steps to make sure the blower motor is fully removed, but it gives you a pretty good idea on how to replace the blower motor.

When buying a new blower motor you should expect to pay around $75-150. If you decide to get a licensed mechanic to install it, the costs could be steep. You could easily be looking at spending a few hundred dollars just n the labor, even though you could just do the job yourself.

All together, it could cost nearly $500 to get everything completed, including the parts. However, if you have the necessary tools to complete the replacement, it would only take a few hours of your time and the $75-150 for the new blower motor.

Also remember that the new blower motor will include the other needed parts such as the blower wheel and fan retainer clip. If you intended to replace the blower wheel by yourself, and not hire a professional, you would be better off replacing the whole motor instead. The blower motor, compared to just the wheel, isn’t much more expensive and would really help keep everything up to date.

No matter what, if you discover that your blower motor, or wheel, isn’t working properly, you must replace it immediately. A non-working blower motor can definitely cause problems if not fixed quickly and those problems could cost you a lot more than a few hundred dollars in repairs. Take the initiative to monitor your car’s performance and watch for any parts that aren’t working properly, and use this advice to fix these things yourself and save money.

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  1. Thank you for your article regarding air conditioning blower motor. I have recently purchased a new blower motor for my 1998 Lumina and when it arrived I found the wheel rather tight when trying to turn. I was not sure if this was normal or not. After I install the motor, it worked but only on high and stopped on the other settings. After around 3 - 4 minute I began to smell a burning electrical odor in the car and immediately turned off the motor and disconnected it. I am unfortunately in Mexico and had to have the new motor mailed to me. Can you recommend a course of action that I could do that may save the new motor and put this whole problem back to working condition ?

    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter and I look forward to hearing from you.

    James Anderson