Bosch Oxygen Sensor

An oxygen sensor (or O2 sensor) is a component within your vehicle that is used to provide vital information to your vehicle's computer system. The most important data that is transferred is the fuel-to-air ratio your vehicle is operating at. You will want your vehicle to be steadily around 14.7:1 fuel-to-air ratio but this cannot be regulated without a working oxygen sensor.

Most vehicles are designed with electronic fuel injection. This is most common in newer vehicles but can be found in many older vehicles as well. As the electronic fuel injection requires a computer system to control the fuel being sent to your vehicles engine, the system will require sensors. The oxygen sensor will allow your vehicle to constantly know the amount of fuel that needs to be sent to the engine. This is very important as it will eliminate the possibility of too much, or too little fuel being sent to the engine.

The oxygen sensor is usually found in the exhaust manifold within your vehicle. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, there may be a different location for the oxygen sensor, but this is not very common. The oxygen sensor is designed to help keep your vehicle running smoothly and can prevent excessive use of fuel while starting your vehicle and driving it. Make sure you always have a properly working oxygen sensor in your vehicle at all times and replace a non-working one as soon as it is noticed.

How Does The Oxygen Sensor Work?
The oxygen sensor consists of two ends. One will be responsible for determining the amount of exhaust flow and the other will be responsible for transferring the information to your vehicle's computer system. Once the oxygen sensor provides all the necessary information to your vehicle's computer it will then use this information to modify your engines processing accordingly. Basically, the computer will regulate the fuel usage for your engine based on the oxygen sensor readings.

As your vehicle's fuel economy will vary depending on the readings of the oxygen sensor it is important to have an accurate read at all times. There may be situations where the sensor temporarily does not give an accurate read. In fact, this is actually somewhat common. However, if the oxygen sensor continues to malfunction then it will need to be replaced.

Replacing the Oxygen Sensor
The first thing you will need to do is purchase an oxygen sensor. Afterwards, you could install the sensor yourself or get a professional to complete the job. It should not be a difficult task but you may feel more comfortable by having a professional do the work.

One great feature that is included with all oxygen sensors is the mileage rating. This is a feature that allows you to know how long the oxygen sensor is expected to last. The owner's manual included with your vehicle should also include this information for the oxygen sensor already installed in your vehicle. This will give you a good idea of when you should replace the sensor with a new one. If you are purchasing a new oxygen sensor then you may want to determine the expected life span of the sensor but they are mostly all durable to the same extent.

Why Buy Bosch Oxygen Sensors?
The other, and more important, thing to look at when buying an oxygen sensor is the brand name. You want to purchase from a trusted brand with an extensive history in the auto parts industry. One prime example of this would be Bosch, which has replacement oxygen sensors for many vehicles currently available.

If you are looking for an oxygen sensor from a good brand name that will last you a long time then definitely consider purchasing a Bosch oxygen sensor. These are very affordable, with a price tag of approximately $25 to $30 per sensor, and are available for many vehicles.

It is completely necessary to always have a working oxygen sensor in your vehicle. If you notice that your oxygen sensor is no longer working, then replace it immediately. You may also want to look up some of the possible signs of a failing oxygen sensor as well. Ultimately, any vehicle with an electronic fuel injection system will not be able to provide the proper amount of fuel to the engine without accurate oxygen sensor reads. Therefore, replace the oxygen sensor as soon as you notice that it is starting to malfunction on a regular basis.

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