Brake Pad Wear Sensor

When it comes to maintenance on our vehicles, keeping the brakes in proper working order is a must. Letting the brakes on your car become worn down is very dangerous. Being in a situation where you must hit the brakes suddenly and your petal is to the floor and the car is still not slowing fast enough can be quite frightening. At this point you know that your brakes are in desperate need of being replaced. The truth is, your brakes have probably needed replaced for some time. However, you may not have been aware of just how bad they were getting if you do not have a brake pad wear sensor on your car.

Fortunately today most of the newer model cars come with brake pad wear sensors to alert you that your brake pads have worn to the point of needing replaced. This feature can be very helpful for those who do not know a lot about car maintenance. Some people find this feature to be annoying on their car and have actually removed it but many people appreciate its service and are thankful they have it. By the time your brake pad sensor is activated and has started alerting you, your brake pads have worn almost completely down. You may have only a few hundred miles left to drive with working brakes before the metal under the brake pad becomes exposed. If your brake pad wear sensor has started alerting you then you should get your brakes replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your car or to prevent an accident from occurring.

Replacing the brakes on your car can be simple for many people who know a lot about cars. For others it is time consuming and not worth the effort. Whether or not you decided to change your brakes or have them done professionally make sure both the front brake pads are replaced at the same time and also make sure the rear back brake pads are replaced together. This prevents any uneven wear on a brake pad. Since the front brakes work together as do the rear, replacing on one is not recommended. Depending on how long you have driven your car with bad brake pads may determine whether or not you need new rotors as well.

There are also times in which your brake pad wear sensors malfunction. This often happens after the sensor has been activated due to worn brake pads. Once the pads have been replaced the sensor still alerts you that you have worn pads. This can become quite frustrating whether you hear a noise or just have a warning light in your dash all day every day. When this happens you should have the wear sensor replaced before too long or when you actually need the sensor again in the future it will not be in working order. Replacing the brake pad sensor is another job that you could do on your own if you desire, however to ensure it is installed correctly you may want to have it professionally done.

Whether you choose to do the maintenance on your own car or pay to have it done, making sure your brakes are properly working is an absolute must. Driving on the road with malfunctioning brakes is not only dangerous for you but those around you. Having brake pad wear sensors can help you know when it is time to replace your brake pads and without sensors you may not be aware of how bad they are getting. The sensors can also help you prevent further damage to other parts of the braking system.

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