Bully Tailgate Locks

A Bully tailgate lock is a device by the Bully brand that allows you to securely lock your truck’s tailgate without making modifications to your vehicle. These locks are very easy to install and require no cutting or drilling. Bully tailgate locks provide protection against theft and give you added security for your tools or other belongings that you transport and/or store in your truck bed. They work with pickup truck covers or camper tops to provide protection when a tailgate handle will not lock.

A Bully tailgate lock can be purchased for virtually any pickup truck and any tonneau or other truck bed cover. There are only a handful of steps required to install the locks and they typically only need a socket or adjustable wrench for installation. Prices will vary depending on where you purchase the lock as well as the specific size and type of lock that you need. Most locks can be purchased for around $40 or less again depending on where you order. Other factors that will determine the overall price include whether the lock is electric or manual and whether you purchase locally or online. Online ordering typically includes shipping and handling charges that will add to the overall cost of the product. Each Bully tailgate lock comes standard with two keys, the hardware required for mounting and easy to read installation directions.

Bully tailgate locks are aftermarket accessories but they have an OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer look. In other words, they look as if they were installed on your pickup truck in the factory. They are perfect accessories for pickup truck owners who want to add extra protection to the goods or belongings in their trucks. Bully tailgate locks also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Besides the look of an original manufacturer’s product, Bully tailgate locks have other benefits. They lock the handle of your tailgate making it impossible for thieves or others to open without a key. This keeps your belongings safe and will likely cause thieves or vandals to think twice about attempting to steal from your truck. When you factor in the cost for replacing your stolen belongings or even the cost for replacing a stolen tailgate, you could potentially be saving thousands of dollars by installing a Bully tailgate lock on your truck. It is estimated that approximately 100,000 tailgates are stolen every year from around the world. For less than $50, you can protect your pickup truck and keep this from happening. Bully tailgate locks typically install very easily and within just a minute or so. Their stainless steel band and brass construction provide added durability and strength to help protect your belongings.

Bully tailgate locks come in a universal design and will fit virtually any standard pickup truck. They will easily fit Ford, Toyota, Nissan, GM, Dodge and other truck models and work for both mini and full sized pickup trucks with removable tailgates.

To install a Bully tailgate lock you simply remove the factory bezel from the tailgate handle and then locate the three retention bolts that are located on the inner wall of the tailgate. Remove these bolts and then with the key in the lock, align the hole on the inner wall of your tailgate with the hole on the included mounting bracket. The screw needed to retain the lock to the wall is included with your purchase. Position the screw, insert it and tighten it thoroughly. Keep in mind that in order to install your tailgate lock, the tailgate on your truck will need to be in the closed position. Once you have the lock installed, simply remove the key from the cylinder. Install the new bezel to the proper openings and insert the two bottom pins into the correct settings. Once you have done this, the top two pins will easily snap into place and secure the bezel. If you are installing a new Bully tailgate lock during extremely cold temperatures, it is recommended that you warm the bezel before you begin installation.

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