Bumper Bully

The bumper bully is a bumper guard that is specifically designed for all weather use. It is used to provide protection for your bumper from cars that park behind you to keep them from bumping your vehicle. A bumper bully can help to protect your vehicle from pings, scratches and dents during parking. The device is ergonomically designed and takes the place of other similar devices that originally had to be glued or otherwise permanently attached to a vehicle. The bumper bully is very easy to use and can be attached and unattached in just a matter of minutes.

It has been estimated that millions of dollars each year is spent to repair bumpers that are damaged in accidents that involve street parking or parking vehicles in indoor and/or outdoor parking garages. As more and more vehicles are being introduced into the market that are designed with plastic bumpers, more and more vehicle owners are seeing damages to their cars and trucks from parking accidents. Most of these accidents happen while the vehicle owner is not close to the vehicle. Other cars may bump into the vehicle causing the damage and then simply drive away without a word to the owner of the damaged vehicle. The bumper bully was designed to provide protection for such accidents. It is a temporary guard for your vehicle’s rear bumper that will prevent other cars and trucks from damaging your bumper.

The rear bumper is typically the area that is damaged during parking accidents. The bumper bully focuses on the middle area of the rear bumper thus providing protection for the vehicle. It is designed to provide a compact coverage while protecting areas approximately 46 inches by 12 inches. This device can help to protect the finish on your bumper and help to guard against dents that may cause significant damage to the rear of your vehicle.

To use the bumper bully, you simply park your vehicle and then install the device. Most consumers carry these devices easily in the trunk of their car or in a truck bed. Attaching the device takes less than a minute in most cases. Because of the tightly fitting quarters in most parking garages and in street parking, vehicles often become damaged by cement walls and other structural aspects of garages when attempting to park. The bumper bully provides temporary parking protection to guard against damage from these elements as well as other vehicles in the parking area.

The cost for a bumper bully is very low particularly considering the cost of repairing or replacing a bumper on a vehicle. Bumper bully’s can be purchased at a variety of automotive shops and online retailers for around $40 or less, depending on where you purchase. Online ordering will of course incur shipping charges so the cost will be slightly higher. Still, given the outrageous cost of repairing vehicles, the purchase price of a bumper bully is well worth it for most consumers.

The bumper bully is designed to provide protection in all weather scenarios. Rain, snow and even intense sunlight are no problem for the device. Safety reflectors are also included that provide awareness for other parkers at night or in darker indoor garages. These reflectors allow other drivers to see your vehicle before an impact to give them enough time to stop before bumping into your car or truck. When purchasing a bumper bully, be certain that you are receiving the original brand and not a copy brand.

While other brands are available, not all of them carry the durability and guarantee of the certified bumper bully. The bumper bully itself was designed specifically to complement higher end European sports vehicles. The wide upper area provides maximum coverage for the rear bumper and a lower area provides protection for exhaust pipes. Heavy duty straps are used to attach the bumper bully and provide minimal protection against theft of the device. The straps are closed into the trunk lid making it very difficult for would-be thieves to pull off the device.

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