Bypass Oil Filter

Having a good oil filter in your vehicle can make the difference in how your car performs. If you do not have an efficient oil filter in your vehicle your car will not function to the best of its ability and you will be stuck with a car that needs a lot of maintenance or an engine that gives out before its time. An oil filter is responsible for catching all the dirt, debris and particles that are floating in the engine’s oil that can re- circulate and enter the engine and cause serious damage.

Although our oil filtration systems on our cars do a pretty decent job of filtering out the dirt from the engine, often times the filter is not enough to eliminate all the particles. Even if we change our engine oil as often as recommended our engines can still suffer from all the tiny little particles that our basic oil filters are not capable of catching. There may be a better solution to improving the cleanliness of our oil therefore preventing it from needing to be changed as often.

If you have never heard of a bypass oil filter then you probably do not know how they work or why they are used. A bypass oil filter works along side the vehicles main oil filter to keep the oil clean. The vehicle’s main oil filter is capable of filtering out particles that are relatively small however some of the smallest particles are able to pass through the filter. The bypass oil filter is a second filtration system that works to remove all the smallest dirt particles that are found in the engine oil. With dual filters working at the same time to remove all the debris the engine oil contains, the engine is protected thoroughly. With more filters for the oil to flow through the engine oil will not only stay cleaner but it will also last longer and need changed less frequently.

After purchasing a new vehicle you may want to install a bypass oil filter in order to preserve your engine from the very beginning before any damage can be done. Using a bypass oil filter can help keep your engine running like new for many years longer than the average vehicle. Since the engine is the most expensive and important part of the car it only makes since to protect it to the best of your ability.

Bypass oil filters also increase the amount of oil your car can hold at one time. This allows for more oil to be recycled through the engine and also helps keep the engine oil cooler. Cooler oil also helps the engine run better and prevents the oil from fluctuating between such drastic temperatures. When our engines are constantly fluctuating from extremely cold to extremely hot temperatures it affects the oil’s consistency and causes it to stop flowing through the engine as smoothly.

Purchasing a bypass oil filter can end up saving you a lot of money in the many years to come. With less frequent oil changes and an engine that requires less maintenance you will be thankful you made the decision to add a bypass oil filter to your vehicle’s filtration system. Bypass oil filters can be purchased as kits so you have all the parts you need to install your new filter. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of bypass oil filters and therefore their engines die before they are ready to purchase a new car or before the rest of the car has aged. If you are interested in getting the longest life out of your vehicle then purchasing and installing a bypass oil filter in vehicle is one of the best things you can do.

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