Canister Purge Valve

The purpose of the canister purge valve is to allow the fuel in the gas tank to mix with the available air before being purged into the intake manifold. This allows the fuel and air mixture to be correct and allows the vehicle to run correctly. There are little things you could do to ensure that the canister purge valve will run smoothly but the simplest fix is often just to replace the part when it malfunctions. Persons who have the ability to troubleshoot and locate the problem to the canister purge valve will often be able to maintain the part to continue working when it malfunctions.

The process in which the canister purge valve is needed is simple to trace. The fuel tank evaporates fuel into fuel vapors which will concentrate into the expansion tank. It will then move into the charcoal canister in which air drawn from an outside source will mix with the fuel and further go into the evaporative purge valve area. When accessed by the engine intake manifold, the purging process through the canister purge valve allows the mixture to make its way to the engine ready and useful to keep the vehicle running smoothly.

Construction of the canister purge valve consists of two separate parts connected at the rim. The canister purge valve has an opening that allows fluid and air to come in. If at any point this opening is blocked, the fuel air mixture would back up causing problems in the system over time. When this happens the part is still salvageable but since the main culprit in canister purge valve blockage is its age, replacement is sometimes necessary to keep a vehicle running smoothly and to help prevent other more serious problems in the foreseeable future.

Maintenance of a canister purge valve can be as simple as extracting it from the vehicle and cleaning it thoroughly with a brake cleaner solution. To know when to maintain a canister purge valve, it is important to take notice of rough idling conditions of the vehicle as well as a high pitched resonance from the air passing through the canister into the canister purge valve where carbon has caused an obstruction. There are several ways to open up the canister purge vale but the simplest way is to tap the valve slightly with a small screwdriver along the rims and the seam to open it up to allow for cleaning.

Replacement of a canister purge valve is absolutely necessary when parts are rusted, bends in the valve are present or the part is just very old. The replacement purge canister valve must match the same type used previously to ensure that the vehicle will run properly. It is possible to use different purge canister valves depending on how large it is and what kind of vehicle it is usually used on otherwise machining of integral parts of the engine or other portions of the vehicle would be required. The process is simple and all that is required is a parts dealer that can offer you the correct replacement valve for the vehicle.

Parts dealers of canister purge valves are available online and through many different outlets. You can find a variety of purge valve parts which may or may not work with the vehicle it is going to be used as a replacement. It is often a good idea to check if parts will be compatible in the vehicle that it is going to be used for before the replacement is made to ensure that it works properly and that no damages are made to the vehicle which could end up costing even more to repair than buying a brand new canister purge valve from a trusted source.

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