Car Air Deflectors

Any improvement to a vehicle will almost certainly add to its value, but when that improvement provides for both the comfort of the passengers within the vehicle as well as improved gas mileage, it becomes all the more valuable. Car air deflectors are generally designed to fit on the hood, the windows or on the sunroof of a car. They can deflect rushing air, protect the front of the vehicle against flying debris and allow for the passage of air while keeping the elements (rain, sleet, snow, etc.) out of the vehicle.

Factory Installed Car Air Deflector
When buying a new vehicle, it is possible to have auto air deflectors installed prior to driving the car off the lot. Of course this will increase the sales price, but it will provide for a number of benefits that would otherwise be unavailable. One of the most significant benefits would be to protect the front of the vehicle from sustaining any damage due to flying debris when being driven on the open road. Auto air deflectors do more than deflect air to increase mileage; they also deflect flying objects thrown back from vehicles on the road in front of you. A new car already depreciates considerably the moment it is driven off the lot. Why add a few dings and bumps to an already decreased value? However, either factory installed auto air deflectors or those which are installed at the dealership before you bring the vehicle home may be covered under the vehicles warranty.

Aftermarket Customizations

One of the most important things to remember about aftermarket customizations is that an auto air deflector for one vehicle will not usually fit another type of vehicle or even different models from the same manufacturer. For this reason, you will need to make absolutely certain that you get an auto air deflector that has been manufactured for your specific vehicle. While you could always have the body shop at your dealership do the installation, that would be the most expensive option. It is possible to order auto air deflectors online that have been made specifically for your vehicle, many of which are extremely easy to install. The other option open to you which would fall somewhere in between a price range at a dealership and a DIY project would be to take your vehicle to a local body shop. Most car owners choose to order auto air deflectors online because it is the cheapest route to go.

DIY Auto Air Deflector Installation

If you have any mechanical ability whatsoever, a DIY project may be the way to go simply because you can save a ton of money. Most auto air deflectors come with installation instructions that are easy to follow and sometimes you can even find videos online for visual tutorials. In any case, you will want to make certain that you have the right auto air deflector for your vehicle. Whether you are looking for an auto air deflector for your windows, your hood or your sunroof, there is sure to be a product available especially if your vehicle is a newer model. If not, there are companies that do custom fabrications which may be able to design a customized auto air deflector for your vehicle.

Not only will you save money on gasoline but you will also notice that your vehicle rides a whole lot smoother in windy weather. You, as well as your passengers, will be able to keep your windows open for ventilation when it is raining or snowing outside without getting drenched. The benefits far outweigh the cost involved, especially when it comes to adding value to the vehicle. Whether you shop online or locally, adding auto air deflectors to your vehicle is always a wise choice.

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