Car Air Filter

A car air filter is a device that purifies the air that enters into the combustion engine of the car. It removes the pollutants from the air such as dirt particles, pollens grain, mold and other such substances and makes the air free from particulate impurities. If these particulate impurities are allowed to remain in the air, then it can even damage the car engine. Hence, using an air filter is essential for the health of the car.

All engines of cars need air to burn the fuel. This is what provides the energy for the vehicle to move. However, it is very important that the air remains pure so that the fuel is burnt completely and cleanly. This is why using an effective air filter becomes extremely important.

Every car has an air filter holder provided from the start. The air filter needs to be placed into this holder. The selection of the filter is important. There are four main types of air filters available today – paper, foam, cotton and oil. Most vehicles go for the paper air filters because they are very cheap and also very reliable. These paper filters contain a special kind of paper that is folded like an accordion and is fit within the filter frame. Once the air filter is in place, it will not allow any particles to come into the engine area with the air. The other option for filters is foam. This is actually polyurethane foam that has been moistened with oil. Foam is thicker than paper and hence it can filter the impurities in a better manner. Because of this, foam filters are preferred by people who take their cars on long drives often.

Some air filters are made of cotton also. The cotton is used in the form of cotton gauze. These air filters can be oiled for a better performance. However, cotton is not a very popular air filter material. Another method of air filter, the oil bath, is slowly on the decline.

Air filters are not expensive devices and starting off with them can be quite good on the money. These filters are simple devices; they have no mechanical or moving parts that can necessitate repeated maintenance. The filter is added to the holder and is connected to the manifold. A big plastic tube that brings in the air is directly in line with the air filter holder.

Air filters need replacement like most other parts of an automobile. If they are not serviced regularly, a lot of the dust will adhere to it and clog it. When that happens, the air filter becomes useless and such an air filter can provide a lot of risk to the engine. A clogged air filter can pose a problem with the spark plugs also because the amount of fuel with the higher than the amount of air coming into the space. This can take a toll on the performance of the car. The ideal frequency of replacing the air filter is once a year. The time limit decreases if the car is driven regularly on roads where the amount of dust is higher. Most gas stations and car mechanics provide facilities for installing air filters. Some people are now replacing the air filter themselves in a do-it-yourself manner.

The air filter is one of the devices that are important to the overall working of the car. It also needs regular replacement and hence it should be paid attention to. However, air filters are cheap and quite easily installable within the vehicle. This gives an impetus to people to buy a new air filter. Or, at least, a regular cleaning of the air filter is absolutely essential.

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