Car Alarm System

We all know what they are and we have all heard them – sometime in the most inconvenient of places and times. They are car alarms systems and they have popped up everywhere over the past couple of decades.

At first, it seemed that built in car alarms systems were the domain of those who drove the fanciest cars. You only had to worry about a car alarm going off if you stood too close to a Porsche, a Ferrari or perhaps a Maserati. These days, though, car alarm systems are found anywhere from the fanciest Rolls Royce to the lowliest Kia Spectra, and there are a few reasons for this trend.

First, car alarm systems present in cars help car owners save money on their car insurance. Car insurance prices have skyrocketed in the past two decades and savvy car owners have been doing everything they can to catch a break. Especially those drivers who have had several wrecks or tickets. Their premiums can be incredibly high and they need all the relief they can get. Having a car alarm system installed in your car, especially if you park it in a dangerous place at night, can drastically cut insurance premiums, making them a sound one time investment, even if installation is a little pricey.

Second, the perception of car theft has grown. This may be a true perception and cars may really be flying away from their owners at the hands of unscrupulous thieves at record rates, or perhaps the marketing of companies that sell car alarm systems such as LoJack, OnStar and others, have brought the potential for crime home to more people. While how susceptible to marketing people are when it comes to personal safety is a topic for another article, it can be argued that more awareness of the problem has directly led to more purchases of car alarm systems.

Third, car alarm system technology has advanced considerably. While early car alarms simply made a loud, piercing noise whenever someone was attempting unauthorized entry into a vehicle, now car alarm systems are much fancier. LoJack, for instance, sends a signal so that the police can follow your car wherever the thief is taking it. The service OnStar, which was billed as a concierge service for car owners who may have locked their keys in the car or needed emergency services, also allows an independent company to track a car's location in the event it is taken for a joy ride by car thieves.

This new car alarm system technology is certainly much advanced from those old car alarm systems that simply made that loud, piercing siren noise. It is even much more advanced than the alarms that used to say "You are standing too close to the car." If you ever accidentally did so, do you recall your embarrassment at being yelled at by an inanimate object. Perhaps this experience is more common now that the internet is so prevalent in American homes, but at the time a car that talked was something that could only have come out of science fiction movies or the Night Rider television series.

It seems clear that theft deterrent is now a major concern for car owner sand insurance companies. Even less fancy and lower tech theft deterrents like the club, though not a car alarm system, are gaining in popularity.

For whatever reason, car alarm systems have grown in use and popularity since they were first introduced. Perhaps people use them to save money on insurance premiums, or perhaps with the technology so advanced and relatively cheap compared to the car alarm systems of the days of old, people simply can‘t resist the urge to protect one of their vital investments.

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