Car Door Parts

The two main reasons for buying car door parts are upgrades and repairs. The parts of a typical car door include the shell, window, interior, lock, latch, and side mirror. Conversion kits are available for upgrading the locks and windows to powered versions, and the windows can also be tinted to reduce glare. Many car accidents cause damage to one or more of the doors. Having the doors repaired at a smash repair shop can be expensive, but car owners can save a lot of money by doing it themselves with aftermarket parts.

The shell is the structure that holds all the car door parts together and forms the shape of the door. It is usually made from steel or aluminum but it can also be made from expensive composite materials to reduce weight. The shell is attached to the car structure by several door hinges, and there is often a brake that slows the door as it is being shut. Adhesive strips are normally placed on the outside of the shell for extra protection. These strips absorb minor impacts without damage, such as being hit by shopping trolleys and other car doors.

Arguably, the most important of all car door parts is the latch and lock. Thousands of car accidents occur each year because of faulty latches and locks. Many locks are also deliberately broken by thieves trying to steal cars. Power locks allow the driver to control all the door locks from the driver's seat, and even control them remotely using a small keychain fob. Many new cars now come with power locks as standard equipment but there are still many cars that do not have them. Power lock conversion kits are an inexpensive and easy way to replace old manual locks.

The window is another of the car door parts that can be greatly improved with aftermarket accessories. While most cars today have powered windows, some older cars do not. There are many conversion kits available for fitting these cars with powered windows. Window tinting film is a great way to reduce glare and make a car look more stylish. However, there are laws against window tinting in some countries because it makes it difficult to identify the people in the car. Rain guards are clear plastic pieces that stop rain entering an open window when driving and can be attached to the door pillar in just a few minutes.

The interior of the car door is called the door card, and it covers the access ports for the window, latch and lock. It is a removable section made from lightweight board and upholstered with fabric. The card is attached to the door structure by push clips and can be easily removed without using any tools. Special upholstery kits are available that make attaching new fabric to the door card a simple task. New door handles, cup holders, floor lights, and even controls for the audio video system can be added to the door cards.

The side mirror is another of those car door parts that is frequently damaged in accidents, along with the door shell and window. It sticks out into the flow of traffic and can be easily knocked off by other road users. When replacing a side mirror, look for one with a control knob that allows it to be adjusted from inside the car. Powered side mirrors are even better but are more expensive. Reflectors or lights mounted on the end of the case can help prevent further accidents.

There are a few accessories that are not really car door parts but have become popular in recent years. Magnetic vinyl signs can be placed on the door without the need for adhesive and will not come off when driving. They can be easily removed and put back on later, all without leaving any marks on the door. Special polymer coatings can be applied to the doors and other parts of the car to protect the paint from minor scratches. The coatings heal themselves by spreading out and filling in the scratches without the need for polishing.

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