Car Exhaust Pipe

The purpose of a car exhaust pipe is to direct exhaust otherwise known as waste gases away from the engine. It is imperative that the exhaust gases are directed away and not allowed to accumulate in engine because the passengers that are riding in the car can suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. The exhaust pipe is supposed to be precisely and accurately designed to guide away these harmful gases. Also, each car exhaust pipe will have a muffler attached to the end of it to lessen the noise. Every car that you buy brand new from the factory will have stock exhaust pipes.

Car exhaust systems can be categorized on two levels. Meaning that, there is one level of car exhaust systems that is categorized as being “stock performance” and another level that is categorized as “high performance or racing” exhausts systems.

As stated earlier, if you car comes straight from the factory you will have a stock car exhaust pipe system installed on it. If you remove the stock engine and put in a larger high-performance engine, you will need to also install a high-performance exhaust system. You can always purchase aftermarket exhaust pipes to improve the performance of your car.

A stock car exhaust pipe is normally very quiet. Stock mufflers from the factory are designed to help to keep the noise level down and your car running quietly. Usually the louder the noise being emitted from the car exhaust pipe, the more powerful the engine is. A high performance car exhaust pipe system is designed to maximize power. However installing any high-performance exhaust system is not easy to do.

High-performance car exhaust pipes are larger than you your typical stock car exhaust pipe. If you're going to upgrade your car exhaust system after you have replaced your engine with a high-performance or racing engine, you will need to install larger exhaust pipes and header tubes. You will also need to fit larger mufflers under the floor to maximize your power you hope to gain with a larger car exhaust pipe. Since the sizes of high-performance exhaust pipes are larger than stock car exhaust pipes, you may have to make special alterations to get them to fit. These alterations may involve lifting up the engine. If you are going to replace an original stock car exhaust pipe because you have installed a larger engine, you may need the help a professional mechanic.

The good thing about upgrading your car exhaust system is that while your original car exhaust pipe would have rusted out rather quickly, an upgraded high-performance car exhaust system tends to be made out of aluminized metals and can resist rusting out easier.

If you have a stock engine on your vehicle all you will really need is a stock car exhaust pipe system. However, if you are into racing and have a high-performance engine in your vehicle then you need to make sure that you have a high-performance exhaust system. Say for instance you have installed a 500+ cubic engine in your car. You will need a 3 inch exhaust pipe. Since this size of an exhaust pipe is much larger than a normal stock car pipe which is only about 1 ½ inches, it will be a lot harder to fit under the car. Most high-performance cars typically need only a 2 1/2 inch car exhaust pipe.

Ground clearance is also important when considering how your car exhaust pipe will fit under your car. If you have lowered your car too much then you end up dragging your exhaust pipes on the ground.

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