Car Immobilizer

There is nothing more comforting than knowing you and your property are safe. When it comes to our belongings we want to know that we have done everything we can to prevent someone from breaking in and stealing the things we value. This is important for our home and are cars. Car theft is a very common crime that occurs all around the country. Unfortunately not everyone has a locked garage to park their vehicle in to protect it and prevent the risk of it being stolen. For those who have no choice but to park their vehicle in an open area such as the street, a parking garage or in a lot, there are other options that may help you keep your vehicle safe.

Car alarms are very beneficial in alerting us when someone has broken into our vehicle or has come too close, however if no one is around to hear the alarm this may not prevent someone from breaking a window or starting the car before someone notices. However, technology keeps improving and now you can get a car immobilizer which prevents the vehicle from being driven after a break in.

Car immobilizers often come with many vehicles when purchased off the car lot. These are the factory immobilizers and they can do a very good job. If you have an older vehicle you can purchase a car immobilizer to install on your vehicle so your car is as equally protected as the newer more fancy models on the road.

There are many different types of car immobilizers that can be purchased or installed on a vehicle. Some are more complex and offer more security at a much higher price. You can find anti theft devices that work to block a person from being able to turn the steering wheel or use the brake pedals. You can find immobilizers that are geared towards preventing someone from opening the car by use of a keypad on the door handle. Without the proper entry code someone could not enter your car. Other types of immobilizers are those that are electrically wired throughout the car and will not allow your car to start without the proper key. Some of these car immobilizers even offer a feature that allows a signal to be sent to an alarm company alerting them of an attempted break in or car theft.

Since there are so many different types of car security systems that offer different features you will want to determine exactly what level of security you want on your car along with what type of budget you are wanting to spend. The more advanced security systems and alarms need to be installed professionally so you must take this into consideration as well. The cost of installation can be pricey depending on the type of security system you choose to use. Many can be complicated and take a while to install. However if you choose to use an anti-theft device that locks your steering wheel or your brakes then you can usually install these yourself in a matter of minutes.

Studies have shown that when a car is armed with at least one type of anti-theft device, whether it be an alarm system, an immobilizer, or a locking device, car theft and break ins are dramatically decreased. For those who use an alarm along with an immobilizer or a anti-theft device the chances of having a break in or theft are highly unlikely. Car thieves who notice an alarm system on a car will most likely pass your vehicle for another that is not armed with security features.

If you are worried about your vehicle being safe then purchasing a car immobilizer is a great way of preventing your car from every being stolen.

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