Car Leather Cleaner

Though once only included in more expensive models, leather is now available in a variety of different vehicles from many automobile manufacturers. Of course, as beautiful and luxurious as leather is, it brings with it a slight degree of difficulty with regards to cleaning and maintaining its beauty. Car leather cleaner was designed to help those with leather automobile seats to more easily and effectively clean and shine leather seats and other interior. Regularly cleaning and conditioning the leather in your car will add many years to the life of your vehicle’s interior. In order to effectively clean and condition your leather, you must first determine what type of leather your interior includes. Once you know the type, you can choose car leather cleaners and conditioners that are specifically designed to protect your interior. Traditional leather, unlike suede, will not absorb water. If you dampen a cloth and drop a few drops of water on the interior and the water does not soak in, then you likely have traditional leather. Of course, you could also simply check your owner’s manual or contact the retailer where you purchased your vehicle to learn which type of leather your car interior has.

Saddle soap is one of the most commonly known about leather conditioners. It is not recommended however, that you use saddle soap on your vehicle’s interior leather. This conditioner is more properly suited for baseball gloves and other leathers. The soap itself contains alkalis that can cause damage to your interior leather. Regular household cleaners, laundry detergents and other soaps can also damage your leather and should never be used to clean your car’s interior. You should only use car leather cleaning products that are specifically designed to clean the type of leather in your car.

When cleaning your car’s interior leather, start by removing dirt and oil buildup. It is recommended that soft cloths or rags be used to clean leather in order to prevent scratching and other damage. You should keep in mind also that it is very possible to remove the dye used to create your leather. You should use cloths that are soft enough so that they do not remove the dye and cause color spots on your leather. If you need to use an upholstery brush, be sure to choose one that is designed for use with leather. In order to correctly condition leather, all dirt and grime must be removed first to prevent sealing them into the pores of the leather.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the leather using high quality car leather cleaner, you can begin conditioning it in order to protect it. There are many leather conditioning products on the market and again it is important that you choose these products based on the specific type of leather that you have. Many leather cleaners come in pre-moistened cloth form that makes them very convenient. You simply wipe down your leather with these cloths and then throw them in the trash when you are finished. There are a wide variety of brands that currently offer these pre-moistened cloths and if time is a concern, these work wonderfully and save time. Be certain that you do not have any sharp objects in your pockets when cleaning leather. This is important to prevent the risk of tearing or scratching the leather. It is also recommended that you use leather cleaners on your interior once each month or more often if you live in areas that typically produce a lot of dust. Also, if your vehicle receives a lot of sunlight, you may want to condition it more regularly to protect against harmful UV rays that can dim or fade leather coloring.

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