Car Windshield Cleaner

Keeping your vehicle’s windshield clean is very important for safe driving. Car’s come equipped with a cleaning system that will help you to ensure that your windshield is always clean. You simply have to keep the system filled with car windshield cleaner and then push the appropriate button in your car whenever you need to clean the windshield. There are many brands and types of windshield cleaners on the market and many also provide an anti-icing action as well to keep your windshield from freezing during the colder winter months.

In order to keep your car filled with windshield cleaner, you simply open the hood and locate the reservoir. This is typically a white colored plastic bottle with a cap. Open the cap and fill the reservoir to the appropriate level. Most have fill lines at the top to prevent over filling.

Again, there are many brands and types of car windshield cleaners currently on the market. These can be purchased at any automotive parts store, many wholesale and department stores, grocery stores and convenience stores/gas stations. Choosing the correct fluid will depend highly on your own personal preferences with regards to function and price. It is important to understand that not all wiper fluids are the same and many have chemicals in them that are considered unsafe particularly if a child or pet drinks the liquid. Always be certain that you fill your car’s wiper system in an open and well-ventilated area and keep windshield cleaner fluid safely out of reach of children and pets. The actual cleaning solution consists of water and cleaning detergents. Many products also contain methanol that prevents freezing. This is the ingredient that makes the solution unsafe, much as antifreeze for your car’s engine is considered unsafe in many ways. Because of the use of methanol, many consumers prefer to make their own windshield cleaning solution to ensure that safer and more natural ingredients are used. You can find a wide variety of cleaning solution recipes online that will allow you to use a much safer alternative to chemicals found in commercially produced cleaners.

Methanol is a toxic and corrosive chemical that, when ingested, can lead to blindness and death. It is also believed that windshield cleaner solutions containing methanol are harmful to the environment when the solution runs off of the car and lies in puddles on the ground. Studies have linked minor damage on roads, pavement and parking lots to the methanol used in windshield cleaning solutions.

Because of this, new, greener solutions that are environmentally friendly are now being marketed. These solutions also work well in colder temperatures and are considered to be much safer to the environment as well as to consumers and pets. Green car windshield cleaners use plant based ingredients that are non-toxic. These ingredients work effectively to break down and remove bug residue, mud, salt from roads, dirt and many other deposits that may build up on your windshield making it difficult for you to see clearly when driving. The deposits are emulsified by the green cleaners and wipers can remove the residue easily. This gives you a completely clear windshield without the worries of using harmful chemicals in the process of cleaning.

Many manufacturers are now offering a more environmentally friendly alternative to methanol. Even for those in areas that experience winter temperatures in excess of -25 degrees Fahrenheit, cleaners are available that work effectively and resist freezing. Those in warmer areas are also covered by solutions that are very effective in removing a variety of summer related windshield debris such as bird droppings, bug residue and other, stickier deposits. You can simply choose the car windshield cleaner that is best for the region in which you live and rest assured that you will be enjoying a crystal clear view from your driver’s seat without adding harmful elements to the environment.

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