Cat Back Exhaust System

Most vehicles today use exhaust systems that require a catalytic converter. This is a device that is designed to remove harmful components in exhaust and converting them into other products that are considered to be less harmful. In the United States, it has become illegal to drive a car without a catalytic converter or cat. Cat back exhaust systems refer to the specific parts of the exhaust system of a vehicle that lie between the cat or catalytic converter and the air outside the device. This typically includes the exhaust pipes, mufflers and the exhaust tips.

When these systems begin to wear out it is important to have them replaced quickly. Again, driving a car without a properly operating catalytic converter in the United States is illegal and can cost you a hefty fine. If you need to replace cat back exhaust systems, there are many choices. You can purchase the same equipment that was installed in your vehicle from the vehicle’s manufacturer or your closest car dealer. There are those however who would prefer to purchase cat back exhaust systems that are a bit more advanced than what is typically found on a new vehicle. There are aftermarket products that you can purchase that will give you a deeper sound and more power.

Cat back exhaust systems that are made of stainless steel are typically the best because they come with mufflers that are less restrictive. The mufflers help to regain some of the lost horsepower that you get with stock systems. These are typically referred to as straight pipes or glasspacks and are highly popular for those who want more sound and more power. Systems are also available for those who want a lower sound or a deeper sound that is not typically found on their specific engines. Aftermarket cat back exhaust systems are designed to offer more flow than stock systems and typically have a much larger diameter in the piping as well as higher quality mandrel bent tubing. This allows the engine more freedom to breath and results in more torque and overall horsepower. The actual amount of horsepower that you will gain depends on different factors such as the overall design of the exhaust system and the quality of your catalytic converters. If you have stock converters that are restrictive then you will likely experience less power from your aftermarket cat back system. If however, your stock catalytic converts allow a larger flow of exhaust gas and little restriction then you should experience quite a power boost with your aftermarket cat back exhaust system.

Many consumers experience an increase in their overall fuel economy after having an aftermarket cat back exhaust system installed. This is because your engine is not forced to work nearly as hard as it did before to propel the exhaust gases through the exhaust pipes. This will reduce the overall load on your engine and give you a much higher mile per gallon ratio and much higher fuel efficiency. It is important to keep in mind however, that you will likely notice this increase in fuel economy much more when traveling on freeways and interstates due to the steady pace at which you are traveling.

One of the main benefits of cat back exhaust systems is the sound that they emit. Many consumers like the systems because of the growl or roar of the exhaust that comes along with the system. If you are planning to purchase and install an aftermarket cat back system, you should take your time to listen to several types and choose the one that produces the sound that you want. You do not want to spend this much time and money on a product only to learn after you have it installed that it is not what you want. Be certain that you take your time to determine which system offers the sound and the power increase that you want for your vehicle before you purchase.

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